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Unity tutorial - Making value adder hack for offline games

If you know C# basics, you will understand it.
In offline games, I basically looking for reward function and found codes that adds value into player data

And re-use the codes into mod menu with buttons to add values

Other similar codes from other games (I don’t tell what game) that adds coins and gems:
C#: int num = TPlayerPrefs.GetEncryptGold((int)DHGlobal.g_CurrentPlayerIndex); num +=20000; TPlayerPrefs.SetEncryptGold((int)DHGlobal.g_CurrentPlayerIndex, num); C#: TPlayerPrefs.SetEncryptGem(TPlayerPrefs.GetEncryptGem()+200);
Here are the codes: Gitlab:

[Archived] dnSpy 3.0.2, 4.5.2, 5.0.5, and beta

Here are old versions and links to official release and beta version. Any bugs only of beta version should be reported to
Downloads: 5.x.x beta dnSpy 5.x.x beta AppVeyor LINK
Official release 0xd4d/dnSpy
5.0.5 dnSpy LINK #1 dnSpy LINK #2
4.5.2 dnSpy LINK #1 dnSpy LINK #2 dnSpy LINK #3
3.0.2 dnSpy LINK #1 dnSpy LINK #2
Files are untouched and are clean

How to return float value in ARM

I made the simple IEEE 754 converter tool for ARM
Type any float value you want and get the hexadecimal for Little-endian
Then use to convert ARM instruction to hex bytes
Example number 1 is 0000803F (Little-endian), return like this
32-bit MOV R0, 0x0000803F
64-bit MOV X0, 0x0000803F
If you have problem converting ARM instruction with higher numbers, just use one of the byte sequences below
1 = 0000803F 2 = 00000040 4 = 00008040 8 = 00000041 16 = 00008041 32 = 00000042 64 = 00008042

Il2CppDumper GUI 1.0.4 - With .APK extension for dump automation

Extract .NET metadata from il2cpp binaries. (types, methods, fields, etc.)
Extraction code is based on Il2CppDumper
Requirements: - Net Framework 4 - Windows 7 and above
Features: Supports il2cpp binaries in ELF(arm, x86) and Mach-O(32bit, 64bit) formatSupports global-metadata version 16 and 20-24Extracts .NET metadata including types, fields, properties, methods and attributesSupports automated IDA script generationname and tag methodsstore dynamic string literals in commentsGenerates dummy DLLs that can be viewed in .NET decompilers
GUI Features: ·Select files ·Rename files ·Set output directory. ·Set mode. ·Set registration offsets ·Auto fill up offset registrations after dump ·Drag and drop support ·Remember everything except registrations