[Exclusive] CSR Racing 2 - How to hack bronze, silver, and gold keys

Exclusive tutorial for CSR2 hacking fans

I'm play legit but I still really want to hack without getting ban, so I modified the keys and buy many gold crates. I did it 20 times and never got banned.

So today, i'm gonna show you all how to hack bronze, silver, and gold keys in dnSpy.

Extract the Managed folder from APK file and load Assembly-CSharp.dll into dnSpy
Make sure Assembly-CSharp.dll is selected

Search KeysEarned. Double click on GachaBronzeKeysEarned PlayerProfile and it will highlight the code.

In the code, right click next to return this.ProfileData.GachaBronzeKeysEarned; and select "Edit Method (C#)...  Ctrl+Shift+E"

change it to "return 200;"

In GachaBronzeKeysSpent change it to " return 100;"

So 200 - 100 = 100, you have 100 bronze keys

Do the same with GachaSilverKeysEarned, GachaSilverKeysSpent, GachaGoldKeysEarned, GachaGoldKeysSpent
You can add any number you want but don't give it too many numbers

If I want to avoid getting banned, I will simply add some random numbers

GachaBronzeKeysEarned = 202
GachaBronzeKeysSpent = 100
I have 102 bronze keys

GachaSilverKeysEarned = 103
GachaSilverKeysSpent = 50
I have 53 silver keys

GachaGoldKeysEarned = 21
GachaGoldKeysSpent = 10
I have 11 gold keys

Save the .dll file and replace the .dll file inside the APK file

Happy cheating! :)

Credit: iAndroHacker