Q&A: Why I can't decrypt files?

I have been asked by some modders why they couldn't decrypt .dll file or attach the process.

Wonder Tactics is Secneo-protected. It have anti-tamper, anti-debugging, etc and that protection is actually playing hide and seek with us which make us harder to get decrypted file. I can't get decrypted .dex because game crash instantly when I attach the process. They also make hacking tool bugs to prevent us from decompiling the APK file, like create long file names "rwerwer3r203235r23r32523cv5235c3215c1xccn4b74b73v....."above 255 bytes to create 255 bytes character limit error on Operating systems
We don't have much freedom gameplay in their protected game anymore :( We uninstall the game if the game is getting harder, harder and boring.

To remove protection, you must get decrypted .dex file but that is also ard to get it due to protections. If you are good at C++ coding, read more at https://www.alphagamers.net/threads/dump-dex-files.278417/

I don't have C++ coding skills unfortunately and I'm not looking into this for now on


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