App/game developers kept creating fake bugs to troll us now-a-days. This must be stopped right now!

I have seen a lot of app/game developers creating fake bugs, like, random crash without error, touchscreen stops working randomly, fake login error, fake connection error, auto delete savedata without notice, and etc etc... to troll jailbreak/root users and cheaters/hackers. This is completely bulls*it. This is not the correct way to protect your app/game and i'm sure it can be bypassed very easly. 

At /r/jailbreak I readed a post about Snapchat leaking memory because the device is jailbroken. Downgrade to 14.0 solves the problem. This makes me very angry right now because it's bulls*it!!! I decided to create this post about that

I'm just letting you know I'M WAY SMARTER THAN DEVELOPERS who like to troll us. I know the difference between fake bugs and real bugs and I bypassed the most of fake bugs i've found so far.

Stop creating fake bugs. Create some positive protections that warns users if they did something wrong or doing illegally, protect and obuscate your damn app/game and allow us to play games or use app on our damn rooted devices!!!

Saf***Net is NOT the correct way to protect your app/game!



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