Disable AVG Secure DNS if you are using Unotelly or other DNS services

The secure DNS component in AVG Internet Security prevents you from connecting to Unotelly DNS and any other DNS services. If you have any issues with DNS services, disable Secure DNS

Visit https://ipleak.net/ you can see you have 2 or more servers and this is a problem.

First one is AVG DNS and second one is Unotelly DNS

Open AVG. Go to Menu Settings Components Secure DNS, then click the green slider (ON) and select a listed time duration. Click Yes to confirm your action. The slider then switches to red (OFF).
Or you can just uninstall the Components

Check https://ipleak.net/ again to see if there are more DNS servers than 1. If there is only 1 server, you are good. You can enjoy watching movies and shows using DNS service