Why Winhex and other programs can't find Assembly-csharp.dll from dumped file?

I have recieved some email about Winhex fail to dump Assembly-csharp.dll from dumped file and I would like to explain a bit why. Reasons why Winhex can't find Assembly-csharp.dll from dumped game:
- DLL file is XORed
- File corruption trick.

About File corruption trick, it was chinese mobile researcher's idea to use corruption trick to hide file from being dumped by Winhex. I have seen a PDF file about corrupt hex file using something.

I know how developers used file corruption trick, but to respect modders who like to stop peoples from spending money, respect cheaters who don't have money to spend anything in-game and not being kicked out from my secret team, I CANNOT tell how it was done. Leechers and devs could take this as an advange! However, I have some hints:
- Manually dump
- Fix it yourself
- Don't feed to leechers.

Please do not email me about this.

Thanks for understanding.


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