Bluestacks 4 beta running Nougat 7.1.1 released by Bluestacks team

Bluestacks team recently released a beta version of Bluestacks running 7.1.1. The new version brings better performance for games depends on your computer performance. For a better gameplay experience, use a better computer with 6GB RAM or higher, Intel Core i5 or higher and make sure virtualization technology is enabled in BIOS.

Let's take a look in beta version

The interface looks the same same as Bluestacks 3 stable with a new background. I have some graphic games installed to test them out.

Bluestacks and engine version

Taking a look in system info... Yess OpenGL is 3.0.

The Android Nougat UI

Playing CSR 2

Some apps and games are not working, some games decided to fake crash. Antutu is not working yet.

I apologize for the weird review and excuse my english.