[Discontinued] ADs Injection Tool for Android APKs with own ADMob ID (100% money by yourself)



You need Java 8 to be installed on your computer. Download Java 8 here: Java SE Development Kit 8 - Downloads

This tool is released to help people to get 100% of the money they generate with ads. There are pages around which offer you to inject ads to your APKs, but what is the side effect of that? Correct, they take a big part of your money and keep it for them own. Since you don't have access to them ADMob account, you don't even know how much money they made with YOUR work. Here is the clue! This tool don't share money to anyone, because you can use your own ADMob ID. That means, you get 100% of your money, no share, no risk of malicious codes that pages may inject without you know. Full control by your own how many ads and what ads are shown. You are independent and can offer clean work. We don't earn even 1 cent by offering this tool.

This project is founded by my cousins, I don't have source code of ads libs and don't have much knowledge of ads stuff so find out yourself if you have problems.


v1.0.2 Changelog
- Updated apktool.jar to 2.4.1
- Updated apksigner.jar
- Some bug fixes

Using Adstool:
Before you start, please setup your admob and get your Ads Interstitial ID if you haven't got it. (See Setting up Admob: below)

Select APK or drop APK, put your name and your Ad ID and press START, It will do all the job for you (Decompile -> Inject ads (add and modify smalis) -> Compile -> Sign)

It's recommended to use on SSD. If you only have HDD, use RAMDISK (max 1 GB space for free) if you have good amount of ram for speed.

After that, make sure to test on more Android versions as possible since injecting ads may cause problems on some versions.
- 4.4-5.1.1 (You can test on Nox, Memu, LDPlayer)
- 6.0.1 (You can test on Mumu emulator)
- 7.1.1 (You can test on Nox, Memu, Bluestacks)
- 8.x and 9.x (You can test on Android Studio with AVD)
- Or test on your real devices.

Note: If the mod doesn't work on some Android version like if mod doesn't work on 7.0 and up due to permission bug, don't release the mod.

Replace splash:
Replacing splash loading_logo.png, splash.jpg, splash.png or projectg in APK if they are available

Clear framework cache:

Clear out framework cache to solve problem with decompiling or compiling. It does not help in some cases.

Setting up Admob:

Click on Apps -> ADD APP

Click NO since we don't publish app to Store


You will be asked to enter your app info. Name the app, select Android as Platform and ADD

Success. Next, Create ad unit


Select Interstitial


Name it and create ad unit


After that, copy your ID and put it in the tool


If you want, you can try add Ad networks. Not really sure what it does, maybe it serve more ads I guess?

Important: Your admob statistics will always take up to 24 hours to refresh!


Decompile/Compile errors
First, try clear framework cache and delete 1.apk from Temp folder. Press Window + R, type %temp%, delete 1.apk

Some apps/games have encrypted or obfuscated dex which preventing making changes to dex. Try dump or deobfuscate dex (no help and support. research yourself)
apktool.jar issues should be reported to https://github.com/iBotPeaches/Apktool/issues/

Ads not showing / error code 3:
Your ID is working but admob don't have to serve ads. I think you need some traffic to get admob to serve ads
(You can see the error in logcat)

Ads not showing / error code 0:
Wrong ID given or ID not exist
(You can see the error in logcat)

Stuck in loading, keep asking for permissions, crashes...:
As i said, not all apps/games work with injected ads. Usally poor written codes cause problems. You might have to manually fix the codes in smali. If you can't, don't inject ads and release mod WITHOUT ads

Adstool not opening or returned errors:
The .jar was compiled with Java 8 for better compatibility since IntelliJ failed to compile with Java 9/10/11. Try install Java JDK/JRE 8 instead. Java SE Development Kit 8 - Downloads

Blackscreen/Whitescreen/crashes after inject ads using other online services:
Because there are some conflict with other activities and codes, we don't plan to fix it yet.


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