Auto Toaster updated to

As requested, Auto Toaster tool is now released.
This tool was forked from Github repo called SaveToGame and tuned into Auto Toaster
What it does is it automatically inject toast into APK for you.


How to use:
1. Choose or drop APK file
2. Select number of how many time toasy should show on screen
3. Click Start

After that, it will create both unsigned and signed APK files on same location where you selected APK file

Changelog: (2019-08-05)
- Updated baksmali/smali.jar to latest version
- Updated signapk.jar to latest version
- Added 7zip compression method for better compatibility
- Attempt to fix error on some Win7 systems
- Fixed bug that caused "Unsigned short value out of range" error in some apks
- Compiled with Visual Studio 2019 (2019-05-15)
- Replaced signapk.jar with better version to sign faster (apksigner v0.8 from NDK).
- Some bug fixes (2019-05-12)
- Initial release


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