[Chinese] BTGame - Private server games market (Android/iOS)


Official website: 

App Name: BTGame
Official, security, non-toxic, no advertising
Size: 11.77M | Version: 1.1.0 | System: Android 4.0 or above

·         Go online and get full VIP
Do not store the value directly on V11, V12, ... privilege
·         High proportion of stored value
Official metamorphosis service, stored value 1 to 1000
·         Stored value feedback
Up to 500% of stored value feedback!
·         Free game ingot/diamond
Send in the game, massive welfare

*How good we are?*

·         Official clothing quality, abnormal gameplay, BT mobile game first platform
·         Accommodate the most complete BT mobile game in the market
·         Official authorization, permanent security
·         Self-service application for rebate
·         gift package benefits
·         Professional customer service MM service


·         Private construction, unstable
·         Very few, even one or two
·         At any time
·         No activity at all
·         No welfare
·         Customer service? Please be self-sufficient

Important: Some games may have english language and some have chinese language only. I don't have time to check all so check them yourself

List of english games:
X战娘商城版 (Calling of Angels)

Free Download:
Android download link:

iOS download link:



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