Il2CppInspector release version (1 jan. 2020) (Windows/Linux/macOS)

I complied Il2CppInspector by myself so anyone doesn't need to compile it.
It's compiled for:

  • win-x64
  • win-x86
  • win-arm64 (Windows 10 ARM64)
  • linux-x64 (Most desktop distributions like CentOS, Debian, Fedora, Ubuntu and derivatives)
  • osx-x64 (Minimum OS version is macOS 10.12 Sierra)

Easily extract types and metadata from IL2CPP binaries.

  • No manual reverse-engineering required; all data is calculated automatically!
  • Supports ELF (Android .so), PE (Windows .exe), Mach-O (Apple iOS/Mac) and Universal Binary (Fat Mach-O) file formats
  • 32-bit and 64-bit support for all file formats
  • Supports ARMv7, Thumb-2, ARMv8 (A64), x86 and x64 architectures regardless of file format
  • Supports applications created with Unity 5.3.0 onwards (full IL2CPP version table below)
  • Support for assemblies, classes, methods, constructors, fields, properties, enumerations, events, interfaces, structs, pointers, references, attributes, nested types, generic types, generic methods, generic constraints, default field values and default method parameter values
  • C# syntactic sugar for CTS value types, compiler-generated types, delegates, extension methods, operator overloading, indexers, user-defined conversion operators, explicit interface instantiations, finalizers, nullable types, unsafe contexts, fixed-size arrays, variable length argument lists, method hiding and escaped strings
  • Partition C# code output by namespace, assembly, class or single file; sort by index or type name; output flat or nested folder hierarchy. Each file includes the necessary using directives. Scope and type name conflicts are resolved automatically to produce code that compiles.
  • Static symbol table scanning for ELF and Mach-O binaries if present
  • Dynamic symbol table scanning for ELF binaries if present
  • Symbol relocation handling for ELF binaries
  • Il2CppInspector re-usable class library for low-level access to IL2CPP binaries and metadata
  • Il2CppModel re-usable class library for high-level .NET Reflection-style access to IL2CPP types and data as a tree model
  • Test chassis for automated integration testing of IL2CPP binaries


Run Il2CppDumper.exe at the command prompt/terminal.

File format and architecture are automatically detected.

  -i, --bin                   Required. (Default: IL2CPP binary file input
  -m, --metadata              Required. (Default: global-metadata.dat) IL2CPP metadata file input
  -c, --cs-out                (Default: types.cs) C# output file (when using single-file layout) or path (when using per namespace, assembly or class layout)
  -e, --exclude-namespaces    (Default: System Unity UnityEngine UnityEngineInternal Mono Microsoft.Win32) Comma-separated list of namespaces to suppress in C# output, or 'none' to include all namespaces
  -l, --layout                (Default: single) Partitioning of C# output ('single' = single file, 'namespace' = one file per namespace, 'assembly' = one file per assembly, 'class' = one file per class)
  -s, --sort                  (Default: index) Sort order of type definitions in C# output ('index' = by type definition index, 'name' = by type name). No effect when using file-per-class layout
  -f, --flatten               Flatten the namespace hierarchy into a single folder rather than using per-namespace subfolders. Only used when layout is per-namespace or per-class
  -n, --suppress-metadata     Diff tidying: suppress method pointers, field offsets and type indices from C# output. Useful for comparing two versions of a binary for changes with a diff tool
  -k, --must-compile          Compilation tidying: try really hard to make code that compiles. Suppress generation of code for items with CompilerGenerated attribute. Comment out attributes without parameterless constructors or all-optional constructor arguments. Don't emit add/remove/raise on events. Specify AttributeTargets.All on classes with AttributeUsage attribute. Force auto-properties to have get accessors. Force regular properties to have bodies.


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