Commenting Rules

- Do not ask for help how to decrypt or dump a game for you. Read the public tutorials, if available, or figure out yourself

- Do not ask for payment to get help. I know this is a trick to get help quicker but unfortuantely, that's not how it works here. Due to privacy concern, I don't want any money from strangers. Not even Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies would be accepted

- Do not post links to malcious sites or softwares

- Do not advertise your website. However, you are allowed to post a link to any website(s) IF it contains useful infomation(s)

- Do not beg like "pls share source code plsss". It is considered spamming

- Do not talk about Tencent and Garena games including free fire, pubg, etc... and do not ask for bypasses either. is the best site you can talk about them.
I do not support Unknowncheats and I do not support those games

- If you wanna share your thoughts about security bypasses, you may contact me privately instead in publicly. However, I may or may not respond. Do not expect me to teach you anything regarding security bypasses

 Always search before asking. If there are no answers you are looking for, you can comment

- Always respect anyone. No flamming, scamming and trolling. If you have nothing to say, don't say anything.

- Keep the comments section on-topic. Off-topic comments are not allowed and comments may be deleted. Please contact me instead

- No nazi, racism and sexuality comments

You may be banned temporary or permanently depending how you broke the rules.

Rules may change anytime

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