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How to remove root detection from APK file (Smali modding in noob way)

Note:   I made this tutorial since 2015, it was the noobest way to edit smalis without any knowledge. This is not for all apps, it basically gives you idea how very simple root detections can be removed in smalis. Advanced root detection can be in libs too and may be harder to bypass. I will not cover that This was the noob way to edit smalis without any knowledge How to remove root detection from the APK file: 1. Download any APK tool of your choice 2.  Install  Notepad++  or other text editors that support searching through all files 3. Decompile an APK file 4. Open Notepad++, click on "Search" -> "Find in files..." 5. Go to the path where the APK has been decompiled, and choose "smali". Click "OK" 6. Search the following keywords and click "Search" Superuser Supersu /system/app/Superuser.apk /data/local /data/local/bin /data/local/xbin /sbin /system/bin /system/sd/xbin /system/

How to root Bluestacks using Kingroot app

BlueStacks App Player: BlueStacks HD App Player Pro is a plateform that allows you to run applications, including games written for OS Android – on desktops, laptops and tablets and also this package contains all files to install it offline. This is a special program that uses a technology called LayerCake, which provides the correct environment for running applications for ARM-Android on a computer running Windows. Get Root (right super – user). After you install BlueStacks on your Windows PC, you can download directly from the program needed Android-app, without having to use the Android-based smartphone. BlueStacks looks pretty neat and fits naturally into the interface Windows. Requirements! To run 3D games need support virtualization technology Intel® VT-x or AMD-V ™ To install the BlueStacks need a video card that supports OpenGL 2.0 or later To start BlueStacks need about 1GB of RAM, otherwise you run the risk of “infinite loading”. For optimum performance, BlueS

How to decrypt an encrypted .dll file with GDB gcore (Root) (4.2.2-4.4.4) (ARM only)

Decrpyting an encrypted .dll and other files using Termux app (Root only) (5.0 and up). NO MORE PIE PATCH! Hello dear community, I will show you how to decrypt and encrypted .dll file (when trying to MOD Unity based Android games) using Gcore dump and WinHex. Before we start, how to check if a .dll file is encrypted? Easy. When you open a .dll file into Reflector and you get: "Assembly-CSharp (this could change, depending on the name of the file), File is not a portable executable. DOS header does not contain 'MZ' signature." it means you have got an encrypted DLL! See image: It means the DLL file does not have a valid MZ/PE header so you can't open/modify it. DLL files require MZ/PE headers in order to view its content and, to prevent hacking, some game developers protect their game erasing these MZ/PE headers from some dll files. Now let's