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Remote debugging and dumping using gdbserver

This tutorial is for advanced users only! As Google fixed gcore for Windows, we can finally dump core remotely using gdbserver. I tested GDB on macOS 2 years ago and was working, should still work today and for Linux too. I don't have device running macOS and Linux at the moment Important: A good internet connection is required for better debugging experience. 5GHz Wi-Fi and Ethernet is highly recommended. Root is required. Samsung devices with KNOX and/or other phones with security may prevent GDB from working. Use custom rom or custom kernel that doesn't have such security system. Or just buy old devices or buy crappy chinese devices that doesn't have any super security. That's the reason I use Denver tablets all time XD. Some emulators does not support core file generation but Bluestacks support it. Downloads: Download the correct file for your device CPU architecture. You can check your CPU architecture using CPU-Z app GDB server: And

Stop using modded apk of Spotify

I recieved an email from Spotify that they detected abnormal activity on the app i'm using and they will ban me if i continue to use modded apk. So if you are using modded Spotify, uninstall it immediately! You can read more: