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Geforce Now useful infomation

Latest exploit Past exploits Useful infomation Sources: Speedtest (now blocked by opendns): Hardware specs

Noblesse M security bypass

Developer ended service of Noblesse M. All the money players who had spent are been wanished. This is the reason why you should NEVER PAY ANYTHING in the game lol XD Now I will give you my bypass + codes of Noblesse M for learning purposes. I don't need it anymore. It's very easy to bypass Good luck :) Security Bypass Dump/Decrypt following files: - Assembly-CSharp.dll - Assembly-CSharp-firstpass.dll - classes.dex Decompile/baksmaling classes.dex Edit following smalis with Notepad++ \smali\com\unity3d\player\UnityPlayerProxyActivity.smali Method: OnCreate Remove invoke-direct/range {p0 .. p0}, Lcom/unity3d/player/UnityPlayerProxyActivity;->BavaydIbg()V \smali\com\unity3d\player\UnityPlayerNativeActivity.smali Method: OnCreate Remove invoke-direct/range {p0 .. p0}, Lcom/unity3d/player/UnityPlayerNativeActivity;->FecdomitIyp()V \smali\com\unity3d\player\UnityPlayerActivity.smali Method: OnCreate Remove i

Dead by Daylight mobile version leaks

I'm a big fan of Dead by Daylight. I love this game so much While I watch video of Paulie Esther, I saw a video about mobile version leak and then searched for more infomation... Omg, it's looking good. Can't really wait for mobile version so I can play it anywhere lol! There is no Dead by Daylight for mobile yet. It just a config file that enables mobile mode To get the leaked dev build and enable mobile version, go to this link: Here are the collections of video

DeadByDaylight Savegame Editor v1.6 for DBD 1.9.3 pirated version

DeadByDaylight Savegame Editor v1.6 made by  David Ze  ( is still useful for pirated version of DBD 1.9.3 No need to bypass EasyAntiCheat as it seems it already bypassed Download: How to use: Navigate to C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\CreamAPI\381210\remote\ProfileSaves Make a backup of your .profjce file Open .profjce file Edit anything you want. To edit your bloodpoints, edit Experience After editing, don't forget to save profile:) Source code: DBD 1.9.3: Video proof: