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Dead by Daylight mobile version leaks

I'm a big fan of Dead by Daylight. I love this game so much

While I watch video of Paulie Esther, I saw a video about mobile version leak and then searched for more infomation... Omg, it's looking good. Can't really wait for mobile version so I can play it anywhere lol!

There is no Dead by Daylight for mobile yet. It just a config file that enables mobile mode

To get the leaked dev build and enable mobile version, go to this link:

Here are the collections of video

DeadByDaylight Savegame Editor v1.6 for DBD 1.9.3 pirated version

DeadByDaylight Savegame Editor v1.6 made by David Ze ( is still useful for pirated version of DBD 1.9.3 No need to bypass EasyAntiCheat as it seems it already bypassed
How to use: Navigate to C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Roaming\CreamAPI\381210\remote\ProfileSaves
Make a backup of your .profjce file
Open .profjce file
Edit anything you want. To edit your bloodpoints, edit Experience
After editing, don't forget to save profile:)
Source code:
DBD 1.9.3:
Video proof:

Il2CppDumper GUI Tool updated to 1.0.9

1.0.9 (2019-06-07)
- Updated Il2CppDumper to 4.5.8
- Will only create folders if any lib architecture exist
- Extract to each folder
- Removed useless log infomation
- Added input unity version field
- Auto get unity version when dragging any asset file or APK file
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