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How to mod .swf file on Android flash games

Hi guys So today I will teach you how to mod .swf file for CSI Hidden Crimes for Android. The flash games was build with Adobe Flash Professional, based on programming language ActionScript. You just need some basic knowledge of  ActionScript Use this game to practice: Install SWF decompiler There are many SWF decompiler softwares on the internet. if you don't know which one, just download and install Open .APK file using Zip Utilities In this case, I'm using Winrar. Right click on the APK file, Click on " Properties " You will see this window. Click on " Change... " You will see the window " How do you want to open this type of file (.apk)? ". Click on " More options " and click on " Look for another app on this PC " Go to the path where Winrar is installed an

How to fix parse error (APK modding)

I have spent a week trying to fix parse error. I decompiled the APK and i just found out that the minimum version of Android system was not given If the apk does not work on your device running Android 4.1.1 or below and it work on other Android version, that means the game developer forgot to give the minimum version of Android system in the APK file or they make it unsupported In this tutorial, i will show you how to fix parse error on Minecraft PE 0.14.3 and make it installable on any devices running Android 4.1.1 and below. It is very easy to fix it so let's get started Tools that we need on computer: Notepad++ Any apktool. You can try APK Easy Tool: APK Easy Tool Step by step: 1. Backup your APK from your device or download the APK fron the internet. Read more about backup APK file 2. On your PC, download APK Easy Tool and Notepad++ and install them. 3. Open Apk Easy Tool, select the APK and decompile it 4. Navigate to the pa

How to backup APK file from your device

How to backup APK file from your device Download the app named App Backup & Restore from Play Store Open the app. Select the app you want to backup and tap "Backup" Your APK are stored in /sdcard1/App_Backup_Restore Close the app. Connect your device to your computer with USB cable. Navigate to SDcard and find the folder named "App_Backup_Restore". If you can't find it, disconnect the USB, open the device USB Settings, select Mass storage mode (MSC) and connect it again. Sony Xperia devices: Settings -> Xperia Connectivity -> USB Connectivity -> USB Connection mode

[Archived] How to fix Invalid RVA Address error and workaround

As we already knew, after v1.9.0 , all the library files has been encrypted and we no longer be able to change easily using .NET Reflector Tool that we need: - CFF Explorer. - HxD or Hex Workshop - .NET Reflector with Reflexil. Step by step: 1 - Extract/decompile the APK file using Apktool or open APK with Winrar, go to /assets/bin/data/ and extract the Managed folder. Go the location of the Assembly-CSharp.dll and open it with CFF Explorer. 2 - Go the ".NET Directory" section, you will see something like this. 3 - Take a look at that "MetaData RVA". If you open this file in .NET Reflector, it will show you some error like this. 4 - Now, change that MetaData RVA from E9AAC908 to 001AF31C (i will tell the reason later). Save it and re-open. 5 - Now go "MetaData Header" section, at "Signature", change the Value to 424A5342 (this is string "BSJB" on hex) 6 - Go to the "MetaData Streams" , plus 4 units o

How to unlock proxy settings in Firefox (fix greyed out)

Can't you edit connection/proxy settings? Can't use VPN connection? Unlock it 1. Navigate to C:/Program Files/Mozilla Firefox 2. Open mozilla.cfg with Notepad++ and clear everything. Save the file 3. If it ask you to run as Administrator mode, click "Yes" (Note: A password may required) 4. Notepad++ is now launched as an Administrator. Try save the file again 5. Enjoy editing connection/proxy settings!