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[PDF] ARMv8 A64 Quick Reference

How to fix apktool compile errors

Well, there are many reasons why but I will show you most common errors. Note, i'm talking about general apk modding, not system apk/framework modding   Assets.dex issue "Class xxx has already been interned" and "Not a valid dex magic value" By default, apktool try to decompile dex from assets folder which would decompile to smali_assets on a root directory of decompiled apk, and compiled to assets.dex upon compiling This can cause compiling issues   Solution: To fix the problem, decompile APK again with the flag [code]--only-main-classes[/code] to only decompile on main classes in root (classes[0-9].dex) then you can compile without any problem   Note: Only for apktool 2.4.1 and up   You can try to delete .dex from assets folder or smali_assets/assets.dex but it may cause problems   If you are using APK Easy Tool 1.57 and above, you can enable the option "Only disassemble the main dex classes" under Options -> Apktool. Aga

SAP (Split APKs Packer) by v6.9.0 Kirlif' (Windows & Linux) - Merge split APKs into single APK

Note, this tool is not mine. I just shared it from other site for archive purposes with safe download links that lasts longer Source: SAP (Split APKs Packer) Requirements:  JRE/OpenJDK 1.8 or above Overview:  A simple and fast tool to transform Android App Bundles into single Android Packages. DOWNLOAD:   Box: Sbupload: HOW IT WORKS SAP uses Apktool to decode the resources of the files included in the bundle to be processed. Then it merges all these files into the base package folder before adjusting and correcting them. Apktool is used to build the single package, Uber-APK-Signer for zipAlign/sign processes. SAP doesn't work on dynamic features but configuration modules only. INFO: SAP is a portable application ; all files present in its fo

List of modding related Github links

This is my collections of modding and reversing related Github links. Credits to anyone who found some links. More to come.   Note: Not all will be listed as I want to keep some secret to prevent abuse. Don't ask me about it Profiles:   Android: Android Mod Menu:   Hooking   G