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Granny horror game mods

This modder Outwitt is amazing. He make some funny mods that you can play as Granny or Spider. hahahaha XD Check out his videos


  Are you doing temporary work like decompile classes.dex just add credit, lib call, etc? better use RAMDisk and store temporary work on it so you don't have to wait longer time working with HDD or worry about wearing your HDD or SSD It's not recommended to use RAMdisk to store something important. You can save RAMDisk into your drive but still not recommended Download: RAMDisk - Software that Accelerates, Protects, Optimizes - Server Memory Products & Services - Dataram (Download freeware version)

Memuplay - Enable APK install and overwrite patch

After memu, they make some changes that prevent APK from installing if APK already installed and shows a toast message. I had contacted Memu to bring back and add drag and drop APK, they did add drag and drop APK but still make no change with installing APK. Contacted them over 9000 times with different email domains but no response. I don't understand why they added installed apk check, there is no security issues since all devices allows install and overwrite APK with same version using GUI or ADB. No data are lost during re-installation. So you know what? I removed installed apk check by myself and it worked! no more "the app installed already" s**t! Apk install and overwrite is back again and works same way as and below Note:  The mod apk was tested with 5.5.8 and 6.0.1 but should work on any 5.x.x and 6.x.x version running Lollipop and Nougat. This doesn't work on Memu 3.x.x.x or Memu running Kitkat. Update: I can't get modified of

How to mod textures and audios on Unity games (Baldi's Basics)

Just found some tutorials how to mod textures of Baldi's Basics. There are thousands of funny mods of Baldi's Basics around the internet. My favorites are  Playtime's Swapped Basics ,  Baldi's Basics SUPER FAST EDITON ,  Mario's World in 16 Bits  and many more XD. I'm a big fan of Baldi's Basics lol Video tutorials: Text Tutorial: Credit:  ★ lambTuberXtream72 ★ 1. HOW TO MOD BALDI'S BASICS Everyone's been requesting me to make some kind of tutorial on how to mod the game. Well, I suck at making tutorials, so I'll just make this text guide. So here's how I do it. 1.1. Texture Mods To modify textures, you're going to need to download UABE (Unity Assets Bundle Extractor). It's IMPORTANT that you get the correct version by using the link below. Otherwise it will NOT work. Once you have UABE up and running, make a copy of your Baldi's Basics directory th

Exposing localization string from code on Unity games (DLL / Mono based only)

Hard to find right function to hack? You can expose localization string to find function easier   This is for DLL based games only.   Not all games are same, the localization function to get string can be called Get, GetLocalizedValue, GetString, Localize, Load etc.   To find it, search for UI related and look around until you found something like this. In this example I found LocalizationManager.GetLocalizedValue that sets the string to text. Modify it to return string from string parameter. In this case, "key" You will see something like this in-game Search the string in dnSpy and you find the right function :)   You can practice with the following old version of games which was DLL based   Draconius GO:   Poche Guardians:

Android Unity Mod Menu with image changing

See source code:

Bypassing smart fake init crash

A year ago, A modder asked for help with Bike Race, so I had decided to look into it. I had bypassed fake crash long time ago but now I will finally make tutorial to help you get smarter with the fake crash situation. Devs think they are smart enough to create fake crash to troll cheaters but not at all, I'm smarter than them haha. Decompile, compile, sign and install APK. Game force closed I took a look in logcat and found this. "Call init() first", hmm... why does it need to Call init first? This is the code I found on \smali\com\topfreegames\bikerace\AppRemoteConfig.smali file where the error occured. I looked everywhere and couldn't figure it out why this happen.   I went to and look for earlier versions of APKs, I found something interesting. The lib was added on 7.0.2 while 7.0.1 have no lib. Later version 7.7.0 had all string stripped out so I

Bypass sideloaded APK check in Unity games

I discovered a really strange APK sideload check and fake crash. It checks if the APK is installed from Play Store or Amazon Store and connect to server if text contains ‘c’. I guess C stands for ‘connect’ and N stands for ‘none’ or something. If not, the game will quit. Don’t know what happen if it set to test connecting. Code snippet: if (Application.installerName.Contains("") || Application.installerName.Contains("")) { } They think they are smarter than us but unfortinately It’s easy to bypass. Just modify or remove installer check and the game will work normally Not only that, It also have iOS checks because it’s a cross-platform game. I think you can do something fun to make the game think your are using iOS device, Nintendo device, Windows, etc...

Android Emulators for PC

I made a collection of free emulators including the abandoned ones. There is no best emulators, "best" emulator is the one that works best on your hardware Emulators that are only use for development and complicated to install are not listed MuMu/MuMu Player Android OS:  Marshmallow 6.0 (32-bit & 64-bit), 11 (64-bit). Rootable:  Yes, enable in Emulator Settings Official website + Download: - EN:  MuMu Player-Fast Android Emulator for PC, Perfectly supports various mobile games - CN:  MuMu模拟器官网_安卓模拟器_网易手游模拟器 Requirements: - OS: Windows 7 or higher with DirectX 11.0 or OpenGL 4.x - CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2100 or better, a minimum of quad-core processor configuration, supports VT. - GPU: Poor compatibility with AMDCPU, XeonCPU, AMD graphics card, MX graphics card, recommended using Intel CPU, graphics card - RAM: 4G and above - Disk: 2G or more available space on the installation disk, 1.5G or more available space on the system disk - Surface series computers do not have