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AdsTool now open source

AdsTool is now open source. Enjoy using it. Hope you can make it better than ours :)

How to install unsigned APK on non-rooted devices (VirtualXposed) (Warning: Google Play Games NOT working yet)

NEW WAY TO INSTALL UNSIGNED APK WITHOUT ROOT. GOOGLE PLAY GAMES FULLY WORKING!   ------------------------------------------------------------------- This is currently useless in some cases since Google Play Games does not work but hope it will work in the future Very big disappointment that Google Play Games and games tied to Play Games doesn't work. It will crash because it does not work with microG yet... big big disappointment Issue here: Support for official Google Play Games apk [$150] · Issue #163 · microg/android_packages_apps_GmsCore If you want, please help us make developers more awareness by posting a comment on this Github issues page, like "Please make it work for VirtualXposed", "Any developers willing to make it work?" etc or just talk about it. The more peoples, the more awareness and popularity! How to install unsigned APK (VirtualXposed) Down