How to block ads from Android apps and games (No root & root)

Tired of random ads and popups that ruin your experience and interrupt while playing games, waitching video and surfing on the web? and while using mods with malcious ads from other site? This simple trick block across your entire device, in your browser, in the apps and the games. Some of these tools require root access, but you won’t need it at all in most cases. Blocking ads is highly recommended if you use mods from other site with malcious ads injected! DNS method and Adblocker apps should be able to bypass anti-adblock and crashes automatically. If you use AdAway with root permission, make sure to enable webserver in AdAway settings to improve bypassing anti-adblock Not all apps can be adblocked. To block from popular apps like Youtube, Instagram, X (Formerly Twitter), etc. either use Firefox browser with uBlock origin extension installed or use modded app Changing the DNS (Android 9 Pie and above) One of the easiest ways to block ads on Android smartphones is by changing to

Why is Zygisk ImGUI mod menu not compatible on x86 emulators? (Known as "Zygisk module not loaded due to incompatibility")

You may encounter an error “Zygisk module not loaded due to incompatibility” after trying to install ImGUI Zygisk modules on Android emulator: The reason is: Unsupported/mismatched architecture. Memu, LD, Nox, Bluestacks, MuMu, etc are all x86 based emulator, they don’t support ARM only ImGUI Zygisk modules. The primary architecture of the emulator MUST be an ARM in order to support ARM based ImGUI Zygisk modules. Unfortunately, it is by the design of the Magisk, it doesn’t work with ARM translation. Zygisk modules generally works fine with x86 emulators (e.g LSPosed), but only works if the app/game supports x86 natively. And no, x86 or x64/x86_64 are NOT ARM32 or ARM64/aarch64, they aren’t the same So, unless no one shares the workaround or make a implementation to Magisk, ARM computer/cloud emulator is the only solution. If you don’t like this solution, then report an issue here , or here

How to extract OBB file from XAPK file

XAPK is a zip file. I will show you how to extract OBB file directoy to OBB location Use file manager that supporting opening XAPK as a zip file. On Android 11 and above, I recommended Zarchiver that uses proper obb permission Open the XAPK file directly Copy the OBB files from /Android/obb to /storage/emulated/0/Android/obb/(package name)/ On Android 11 and above, if the folder of the package name of the game does not exist, do not copy folder to obb location. Instead, open the game and let it get stuck or show error for a while, then close the game. The folder of the package name of the game should be created Now you can play the game

How to install Kitsune Mask (Magisk Delta) on Android emulators (Easy installation)

Important: If you are gonna use Magisk Delta to install Zygisk mod menus on emulators, STOP RIGHT NOW!!! Most Zygisk mod menus support ARM only, therefore x86 emulators are NOT supported, although they support ARM translation. It is what it is! Kitsune Mask/Magisk Delta is a fork by HuskyDG, including old school MagiskHide, Riru and some custom features. It works same as with official Magisk. Magisk Delta is a lot easier to install compared to MagiskOnEmu. It works on phones too. Currently, only Magisk Delta support Magisk installation into system partition. Although emulator has ramdisk image, patching ramdisk is not used because ramdisk is stored in seperate partition with very SMALL disk size that is not enough to store Magisk binaries. Download Kitsune Mask Older versions of Kitsune Mask Older versions of Magisk Delta Video tutorial Before y

List of ARM Android emulators for PC

Are you looking for x86 emulators? Check this out: ARM only Android emulators does exist but they are only exclusive for computers with ARM processors. Unlike x86 emulators with ARM translation, ARM emulators works almost like real ARM devices, without x86 involved. You can even run IMGUI zygisk module and VM apps like VMOS, Virtual Master, VphoneGaga. IMGUI Zygisk module running on rooted AVD on my Mac mini M1 (2020). Remote desktoping my Mac using Chrome Remote Desktop VPhoneGaGa modded apk running on LDCloud. Android 10, US server Unfortnuately, ARM emulators does NOT work with x86 processors, x86 users would have to use x86 Android emulators with limited ARM support, or pay for ARM cloud emulator based like LDCloud and Redfinger What computers have ARM processor? They are still kind of rare or uncommon unlike x86, but I will give you some hints. These models as an example: Mac Mini M1 (2020) Lenovo

How to run 32-bit apps on 64-bit only phones (No root)

Emulating 32-bit (armeabi-v7a) apps on 64-bit (arm64-v8a) only phone must be possible without rooting. I decided to try some Virtual machine apps on my Pixel 8 Pro without 32-bit support. After trying all VMs (Except cloud VM), it turns out ONLY VPhoneGaGa worked on my phone. It runs a free Android 7.1.2 instance with both 32-bit and 64-bit support (armeabi, armeabi-v7a and arm64-v8a). Other VM either gets stuck on loading, stuck on boot screen or crashes. This is the proof I’m running 32-bit app called Flappy Bird on my Google Pixel 8 Pro using VPhoneGaGa 3.9.1. Can’t see the video? Use VPN I hope to see more VM’s support 32-bit emulation in the future when 64-bit only phone is more common Using VPhoneGaGa Official VPhoneGaGa version is free to use with Abdroid 7.1.2 ROM. However, in order to enable Magisk support or use Android 10 ROM, you need to pay for it. Do not use modded VPhoneGaGa, they don’t work properly, and latest mod version might be fake 1. Download VPhoneGaG

How to hide Magisk Delta-Kitsume Mask from root detections

MagiskHide allows you to hide apps from detecting Magisk and root, prevent showing incompatile device or fake bugs such as crashes, stuck, connection error. Not all apps can be bypased because they may have new detection methods and new ways of circumventing MagiskHide. This tutorial is for Magisk-Delta only, and it is not an officially supported topjohnwu project. If you are using official Magisk source, you are in the wrong place, please read this tutorial: Let’s get started Open Magisk-Delta and open settings on the top-right corner Under App sction click on Hide the magisk app You will be prompted how the app should be called. The default name is Settings . Click OK when you are done Please wait for a few seconds.Don’t do anything until it relaunches. After it relaunches, we will enable MagiskHide Open Settings again, scroll down to MagiskHide section and enable it. Now click Configure MagiskH

How to hide Magisk from root detections (Magisk v24 and up)

Zygisk’s DenyList allows you to hide apps from detecting Magisk and root, prevent showing incompatile device or fake bugs such as crashes, stuck, connection error. DenyList is basically MagiskHide, but doesn’t 100% hide. Some apps may still detecting it This tutorial is for official Magisk only. If you are using Magisk-Delta, you are in the wrong place, please read this tutorial: Hiding Magisk App Let’s start hiding Magisk app first Open Magisk-Delta and open settings on the top-right corner Under App sction click on Hide the magisk app You will be prompted how the app should be called. The default name is Settings . Click OK when you are done Please wait for a few seconds. Don’t do anything until it relaunches. After it relaunches, it may prompt you if you want to create a shortcut to your home screen. Click OK if you want to create a shortcut Then click Add automatically Installing hiding modules

Apktool M - Apktool app for Android (English-Russian)

Features: Apktool - decompilation and compilation of Android® installation packages (* .apk), including system applications. Translation of applications , including in automatic mode (more than 100 languages are supported). Manager installed applications . Customizable text editor with syntax highlighting and hints, with the ability to view the source java code, with the ability to import your own code highlighting themes. Convenient file manager with many functions. Working with different types installation files - * .apk, * .apks, * .xapk, * .apkm. Antisplit - merging Android App Bundle (split) into one installation file, as well as installing and extracting such files. Create your own signature and sign applications. Quick editing of the application name, package name (cloning the application), application icon and more, without the need to rebuild. Root rights are not required. The app is completely free , it is supported on older devices since Android 4.0 and does not

How to root Virtual Master & install Xposed

Virtual Master - Android Clone app does not have switches to turn on root and Xposed in settings, but there is a secret way to root and install xposed easly. This is intended to avoid the violation of the terms of service of Play Store I think. The developer has told peoples in Telegram Group to do this way. If you want to report bugs or freature request, please send feedback to the developer via Virtual Master app (For you > Feedback), or join the official Telegram group . I can’t offer you with support since I don’t use Virtual Master as a daily driver How to import to root VM & install Xposed First, download Superuser, Magisk or Xposed Installer to your physical device Magisk (Android 7.1.2 & 9.0) : Superuser APK (Android 5.1.1 & 7.1.2) : Xposed Installer (Android 5.1.1 & 7.1.2) : https://xposed-installer.en