How to install unsigned APK for non-rooted devices (early tutorial, currently useless)

This is an early tutorial. This is currently useless in some cases since Google Play Games does not work but hope it will work in the future
Installing unsigned APK is possible though VirtualXposed without root but very big disappointment is Google Play Games and games tied to Play Games crashes because it does not work with microG yet... big big disappointment
First I thought it was VirtualXposed issue so I created an issue about it:
But then someone mentioned another issue
The bounty to make Google Play Games work is $150. Please help make it more awareness by posting a comment on those issues if you want.
How to install unsigned APK (VirtualXposed) Download one of VirtualXposed releases, doesn't matter what version
Launch VirtualXposed Tap on white appdrawer icon to open Settings (weird design)


Il2CppDumper GUI Tool updated to 1.0.8

1.0.8 (2019-03-29) - Updated Il2CppDumper to 4.2.5-beta, with support of NSO file (Nintendo Switch) - Can drag and drop DLL (GameAssembly.dll of PC game) and NSO file (Nintendo Switch)
Extract .NET metadata from il2cpp binaries. (types, methods, fields, etc.)
Extraction code is based on Il2CppDumper
Requirements: - Net Framework 4 - Windows 7 and above
Features: Supports il2cpp binaries in ELF(arm, x86) and Mach-O(32bit, 64bit) formatSupports global-metadata version 16 and 19-24Extracts .NET metadata including types, fields, properties, methods and attributesSupports automated IDA script generationname and tag methodsstore dynamic string literals in commentsomakefunction to improve ida analysis Generates dummy DLLs that can be viewed in .NET decompilers
GUI Features: ·Select files ·Rename files ·Set output directory. ·Set mode. ·Set registration offsets ·Auto fill up offset registrations after dump

Corner cutting, Shortcutting = My favorit cheatting

It's my childhood. I have been doing shortcuts, corner cutting whatever... for years since I was 10 in any racing games.
Why not? You can easly win the race, get best time, best lap. Sadly, most modern games added rules or auto respawns and no one had made cheat/hack to disable that shit (i might be wrong).
If you play any racing games, give it a try and you will love it
I'm still doing it today lol

Here are some video example of corner cutting / shortcutting

Ghidra - NSA Reverse Engineering Tool (Freeware) (IDA Alternative)

Ghidra, A software reverse engineering (SRE) suite of tools developed by NSA's Research Directorate in support of the Cybersecurity mission
Video tutorial:

How to use ghidra: You need java to be installed on your machine. Download it from
Launch ghidraRun.bat
Accept User Agreement
Before work can be done you need to create a project
Click File -> New Project...

Choose your protect Type
Non-Shared Project: Work alone, locally Shared Project: Work with a team via server
Decide where to store your project and give it a name
Now you can start importing file via file menu or drag and drop a file
Ghidra populated the file format and language if they can be auto-detected

Click OK if it's correct The Import Results Summary window will appear. It gives a summary of infomation about your program. Click OK.
Now you are ready to open a program in a tool. Double-click on file to open.
Click Yes

Then click Analyze using either the default options or …

PMT Ads Tool (Ads Injection) updated to 1.0.1

PMT Ads Tool updated to 1.0.1
Changes: - Fixed instant crashes - Split unsigned and signed APK (You will have to fix unsigned apk by yourself. The tool can't fix it automatically)
Download: Dropbox - PMT Ads Tool

Download PMT Ads Tool zip

PMT Ads Tool
Full post:

How to extract OBB from XAPK without Apkpure app

Have you lost the OBB and the game does not download OBB? and are you playing modded games that are not avaliable in your country? I will show you how to download XAPK from and extract OBB.
Go to and search for games you are looking for.
If the game contains OBB, you will see a download XAPK button. XAPK contains both APK and OBB

Download it.
There is no need to use APKPure app that is bloated and contains ads, we can extract files manually using Winrar, 7-Zip or build-in zip program.
Rename XAPK to ZIP

Open ZIP file, navigate to /Android/obb/ and extract OBB folder that contains OBB file

Connect your Android device to your computer and copy OBB folder to SD-Card/Android/obb

You can do the same on your phone without PC. Download XAPK, reanem to ZIP, extract OBB folder or file to /sdcard/Android/obb/. That is simple.
If you are using Emulator, you have to find out how to copy file between PC and Emulator
Bluestacks shared folder: Windows: C:\BlueStacks\Engine\UserD…

How to modify XAPK file using Winrar or 7-Zip

Do you want to mod existing XAPK with mod APK inside? Sure you can. XAPK is just a ZIP file, like APK file and it's very easy to mod. You can modify it easly using Winrar or 7-Zip
To open XAPK with Winrar, you need to open Winrar, click Options -> Settings -> Integration and define custom extension XAPK

After that, you can open XAPK as Winrar

To open XAPK with 7-Zip, right click on XAPK file -> 7-Zip -> Open archive

Now you can replace APK or other files. Just ensure the APK filename is a package name. If not then any XAPK Installer might not recognize the APK file
Use APK Easy Tool to get package name from APK file

If you release modded XAPK, please tell users to use XAPK Installer app:

How to install XAPK file

1. Download and install a lightweight XAPK Installer app:
Important: If you have modded APK called "Black tool" or similar installed, please uninstall it immediately and install this instead. Black tool contains adwares and malwares which might harm your device
2. Open X-plore or open download manager on your browser
3. Open .xapk file
4. It should prompt you to install. Tap "Install"
5. After it install OBB, it will prompt you to install APK
6. Tab "install" to install APK
7. Open the game
Video tutorials:

XAPK Installer 1.4 Original APK (re-upload)

Apkpure Link: XAPK Installer for Android - APK Download

Say goodbye to Android APK OBB Installing error problem, XAPK Installer makes that easier and faster than ever.
• Scan and preview all .apk file on your phone and SD Card
• Delete or install APK, XAPK ( APK with cache data or obb file) automatically
• Download XAPK, APK free online with your Android phone and tablet

This app is very lightweight, uses less resources, less bloated and still work perfectly on Android 9.0/Pie! Highly recommended to use this good old app if you install XAPK you got from other sources. No need to use bloated Apkpure app

Important: If you have modded APK called "Black tool" or similar installed, please uninstall it immediately and install this instead. Black tool may contains adwares and malwares which might harm your device

Name: XAPK Installer
Version: v1.4
Needs Root: No

Free Download (ORIGINAL APK):
As the official link redirected to new Apkpure tool, I had to re-upload it

Download link:

ADs Injection Tool for Android APKs with own ADMob ID (100% money by yourself)

You need Java 8 to be installed on your computer. Download Java 8 here: Java SE Development Kit 8 - Downloads
Foreword: This tool is released to help people to get 100% of the money they generate with ads. There are pages around which offer you to inject ads to your APKs, but what is the side effect of that? Correct, they take a big part of your money and keep it for them own. Since you don't have access to them ADMob account, you don't even know how much money they made with YOUR work. Here is the clue! This tool don't share money to anyone, because you can use your own ADMob ID. That means, you get 100% of your money, no share, no risk of malicious codes that pages may inject without you know. Full control by your own how many ads and what ads are shown. You are independent and can offer clean work. We don't earn even 1 cent by offering this tool.
PS: To be honest, I had to ask my cousin who live in Texas, US who is computer science to help me with development since I…

Granny horror game mods

This modder Outwitt is amazing. He make some funny mods that you can play as Granny or Spider. hahahaha XD

Check out his videos


Are you doing temporary work like decompile classes.dex just add credit, lib call, etc? better use RAMDisk and store temporary work on it so you don't have to wait longer time working with HDD or worry about wearing your HDD or SSD
It's not recommended to use RAMdisk to store something important. You can save RAMDisk into your drive but still not recommended

RAMDisk - Software that Accelerates, Protects, Optimizes - Server Memory Products & Services - Dataram
(Download freeware version)

Memuplay - Enable APK install and overwrite patch

After memu, they make some changes that prevent APK from installing if APK already installed and shows a toast message. I had contacted Memu to bring back and add drag and drop APK, they did add drag and drop APK but still make no change with installing APK. Contacted them over 9000 times with different email domains but no response.
I don't understand why they added installed apk check, there is no security issues since all devices allows install and overwrite APK with same version using GUI or ADB. No data are lost during re-installation.
So you know what? I removed installed apk check by myself and it worked! no more "the app installed already" s**t! Apk install and overwrite is back again and works same way as and below

Note: The mod apk was tested with 5.5.8 and 6.0.1 but should work on any 5.x.x and 6.x.x version running Lollipop and Nougat. This doesn't work on Memu 3.x.x.x or Memu running Kitkat.

I can't get modified of new download…

How to mod textures and audios on Unity games (Baldi's Basics)

Just found some tutorials how to mod textures of Baldi's Basics.

There are thousands of funny mods of Baldi's Basics around the internet. My favorites are Playtime's Swapped BasicsBaldi's Basics SUPER FAST EDITONMario's World in 16 Bits and many more XD. I'm a big fan of Baldi's Basics lol

Video tutorials:

Text Tutorial:
Credit: ★lambTuberXtream72★

Everyone's been requesting me to make some kind of tutorial on how to mod the game. Well, I suck at making tutorials, so I'll just make this text guide. So here's how I do it.

1.1. Texture Mods
To modify textures, you're going to need to download UABE (Unity Assets Bundle Extractor). It's IMPORTANT that you get the correct version by using the link below. Otherwise it will NOT work.

Once you have UABE up and running, make a copy of your Baldi's Basics directory that you can use to mod the game. In UABE,…