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Blogger editor still shitty as of today, that’s why still no posts. I’m testing StackEdit right now Welcome to StackEdit! Hi! I’m your first Markdown file in StackEdit . If you want to learn about StackEdit, you can read me. If you want to play with Markdown, you can edit me. Once you have finished with me, you can create new files by opening the file explorer on the left corner of the navigation bar. Files StackEdit stores your files in your browser, which means all your files are automatically saved locally and are accessible offline! Create files and folders The file explorer is accessible using the button in left corner of the navigation bar. You can create a new file by clicking the New file button in the file explorer. You can also create folders by clicking the New folder button. Switch to another file All your files and folders are presented as a tree in the file explorer. You can switch from one to another by clicking a file in the tree. Rename a file You can rena

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I have been stuck with the new buggy update of Blogger platform. It's very horrible. Image is what it annoys me a lot, pasting image does not work anymore, causing upload error. You must insert the link manually. Putting image here makes it center-aligned, and if you set them left-aligned, the blogger decides to move the next to the image. So freaking annoying!!! Those bugs hasn't been fixed for months. I could move to Wordpress or host my own forum website, but I don't really have time for that and investing money in protecting my website. I have no choice but to stop posting new posts here until the bugs has been fully fixed. I will still edit the existing post tho. Since I also post on Platinmods, the modding community forum, I will continue posting new contents there. Forum platform is alot easier to edit than this crappy new Blogger. See you there :D Tutorial section My latest contents:

How to make custom VMOS ROM for VMOS Pro

You must know the basics of the Android ROM structure, and also be able to manage the files, like editing build.prop, init.rc, copying files from flashable zip manually, etc. I will not explain in depth of it since there are plenty of infomation on XDA forum. Don't worry, you don't need any coding knowledge. Do not expect that you can make a ROM of other Android versions like Android 11 than the VMOS provided, or use the ROM from other devices. You would need a kernel source from VMOS, VM drivers sources, AOSP project sources to build and so on and make changes to VMOS app to support it properly. It's a lot harder than you think. If you need other Android version, consider sending a feedback to VMOS team. Dumb questions like this are subject to be ignored Special thanks to 4pda forum for more info Getting started: Get VMOS from here:  VMOS Virtual Machine Operating System - Double Your Android System Where to get the original ROM? You can just backup your installed R

How to fix "LaunchSupport expected 2 to 4 arguments but got 1" (Ghidra)

Got this error when launching ghidraRun.bat for the first time? This is easy to fix   Open support folder and open launch.bat file as notepad or any text editor   Remove the slashes after %INSTALL_DIR% so it look like this   Save it and it will now launch

[Android] X8 Sandbox (EN/CN) - Free Android VM, Pre-rooted (VMOS alternative)

Introduction: X8 Sandbox Android VM Play in PIP-mode Self-Root Xposed FW GameGuardian Advance mode, easy to control your root privilege. Only one button enable Xposed Framework. Lot of game plugins to use Easy Slim Stable VM No special permissions are required. Farewell to the lag. Minimal setting PIP Picture in picture Dual account No just only game Safe No privilege No risk No Root Download (English): Main - 5.1:  X8 Sandbox – x8sb, apk, virtual for Android, Virtual machine, android emulator on android, Android root, root access without root phone Other versions - 7.1:  Other versions – X8 Sandbox   Download (Chinese): Chinese version:  【 X8 大 师官网】 – X8 加速大 师 X8 大 师加速器 免 ROOT 加速 X8 加速大 师 X8 助手 X8 加速助手下 载   How to use: Very simple, just install the APK you downloaded. You may need to allow unknown source first if asked Launch the app. The VM will install automatically and boot up. You can pretty much use it just like you use your physical phone, but with root en

[Android] MT Manager - A powerful file manager with APK editor

  MT Manager is a very powerful file manager and apk editor, you can use it to do a lot of things on your phone, such as managing files, modifying software, translating applications, editing text and so on. Some features require VIP The main functions are: - File management, such as file copy, move, delete. If you give root privilege to MT, you can access the system directory, remount the file system as read-write, modify file permissions and owner. - Open the ZIP file like WinRAR. You can delete, rename, move, add / replace external files to the ZIP without decompression and repackaging, and decompress files in the ZIP. - Text editor, picture viewer, music player, font previewer, script executer, text contrast and other functions, in the sidebar you can easily view the storage device, FTP connection, bookmark, background, tools and so on. - Many powerful APK editing features, like dex editor, arsc editor, xml editor. You can also sign apk, optimize apk, clone apk, remove sig

List of tweaks to bypass jailbreak detection

Those are latest working tweaks I know so far. Don't know if they work for iOS 14 You do not need to whitelist apps if any deb hacks/cheats have JB bypass build-in Not all apps works, you would have to ask tweak developer to add support or search for tutorial, especially reddit pages Cydia/Sileo/Zibra package installation 1. Open Cydia/Sileo/Zibra 2. Add one or more repo listed below 3. Search for the tweak package you want to install 4. Install it 5. Respring Manual deb package installation There are other ways to install .deb. I personally use Filza 1. Download and install  Filza File Manager  from Open Cydia/Sileo/Zibra 2. Download deb file on any browser if provided below 3. Save to Filza 4. Open Filza and open the downloaded deb file 5. Click Install 5. Respring Tweaks About kernel bypass, there may be some risks involved. Use it at your own risk Hestia Download from repo:  Packix A-Bypass Download from repo:  Merona Repo Shadow Download from r

How to bypass fake crash (Process exited due to signal (6))

This is about bypassing a fake crash from an old deleted game Fetty Wap Nitro Nation Stories , I did 5 years ago. I normally wouldn't teach how to bypass security, but this game is old, deleted and the security is too simple. So it's safe to teach at this point.   You need to have knowledge of ARM and x86 assembly and know how to use IDA pro, but you will learn a bit more here   If you installed with a re-signed apk file, the game crashes if you click RACE after the game loaded   Sometime the game would show an error message   Or this     It was smart… (not really) but it's pretty easy to bypass   How do I know what caused the crash? It's not always easy to know but try look in the logcat. You can use Android Studio app or ADB in cmd for non-rooted devices or use Matlog Libre for rooted devices/emulator. I will use Matlog on an emulator   So basically, I'm looking after Process [packagename] [pid] has died   And reading