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How to bypass fake crash (Process exited due to signal (6))

This is about bypassing a fake crash from an old deleted game Fetty Wap Nitro Nation Stories , I did 5 years ago. I normally wouldn't teach how to bypass security, but this game is old, deleted and the security is too simple. So it's safe to teach at this point.   You need to have knowledge of ARM and x86 assembly and know how to use IDA pro, but you will learn a bit more here   If you installed with a re-signed apk file, the game crashes if you click RACE after the game loaded   Sometime the game would show an error message   Or this     It was smart… (not really) but it's pretty easy to bypass   How do I know what caused the crash? It's not always easy to know but try look in the logcat. You can use Android Studio app or ADB in cmd for non-rooted devices or use Matlog Libre for rooted devices/emulator. I will use Matlog on an emulator   So basically, I'm looking after Process [packagename] [pid] has died   And reading

[Old Tutorial] Bypassing PIE security check (Android 5.0 up) (Archived)

Old tutorial by s810car –  This has been archived here Hi all pretty new to alphagamers, been checking out the site as I am aspiring to increase my programming/hacking knowledge esp. when it comes to Android so thought I'd join. I had a request from a member to bring over a tutorial I wrote for fixing a new issue on Android 5.0 and up. A few modders ran into this issue using gdb and I recently solved this issue myself after some research, and as I will be trying to gain knowledge here as well, in spirit of the old Scene mantra "no leeching!" will also share knowledge whenever I can. Bypassing PIE (position independent executable) check This is a solution for this error specifically - running gdb (or other busybox script) gives this error: "error: only position independent executables (PIE) are supported." If thyats your error, read on. Background - I ran into this problem recently, trying to debug an app by getting a memory dump first, nev

Cheating level: GOD

This tic tac toe is pretty easy to win from r/softwaregore is now providing single APK even Android version is 5.0 and up

Normally single APK is only available if minimun Android version is 4.4. Now for some reason, single APK is available even Android is 5.0 and up on You have 2 options to download single or bundle (Split APK). You don't even need to use APK downloader page anymore Hopefully it will stays like that forever because it's a pain to deal with split APKs