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How to find decryption key for cocos2djs

Rarely seen games based on cocos2djs, the game is compiled and encrypted to .jsc files. I think Cocos2d would come out encrypted by default with it’s hardcoded key. Finding decryption key is pretty easy This is not for all cocos2djs games. Some games may hide the decryption key, making it hard to find, so you would need to reverse deeper and debug it Let’s get started! In this tutorial, I use this game Download LifeSimulator - Chinese Life APK for Android (Free) Extract jsc files from assets folder of APK file Now we gonna look after the key Method 1: Hex editor Use any hex eidtor that support string search. I use 010 editor Search for jsb-adapter, jsb-builtin.js or main.js The key should be located between Game. and .jsb-adapter . In my case the key is e07a4d47-b82e-4f If it’s blank like this, or you can’t find the key, it must have been encoded or encrypted. Use IDA Pro instead Method 2: IDA Pro It is highly recommended to use IDA Pro 7.5 and later which can display

How to use Auto-Il2CppDumper to dump protected Il2Cpp games (NO magisk-zygisk)

Il2CppDumper without Magisk/Zygisk, dump il2cpp data at runtime, can bypass protection, encryption and obfuscation. This project is based on BrianGIG Auto-Il2cppDumper which I continue to maintain it Big thanks to @BryanGIG **This may not work with some games with higher protections. Some games can detect tampered lib file, detect tampered APK file, and detect hooking. It is always a matter of time the game developer will improve the protection without notice! How to use:** Download pre-compiled libs HERE and follow steps below Note: Non-root methods involves modifying APK file, you may need to bypass APK integrity or signature check if it’s present. I won’t get into the details of bypassing anything because it is simply out of the scope Method 1: Fake lib This is a trick to load our own or and load game’s renamed original lib or . Can’t decide which lib? Try first as it sometimes work better than libunity

H5GG - iOS Cheat Engine

H5GG is an iOS Cheat Engine for JavaScript APIs & Html5 UI made by Tuancc. provide memory APIs likely Android-GG’s Lua APIs. support load scripts(*.js or *.html file) from loacl or network. support load dylib plugin for javascript api ( demo ). support auto search static pointer and offsets of the value . and you can customize UI by using HTML+CSS without computer. and you can make your own tweak(dylib) by click one button, so easy! Discuss in Discord or iOSGods Github repo H5GG supported 4 modes to run: inject H5GG.dylib to ipa for non-jailbreak devices tweak(deb) auto load into all app for jailbroken devices standalone APP for jailbroken devices(compatible with iPad’s SlideOver+SplitView) Float On Screen for jailbroken devices(not compatible with iPad’s SlideOver+SplitView), tested on ios11~ios14 and there is a special version for TrollStore

[iOS] AccDemo - Speed hacking tweak

With this Tweak, you can control the speed of quite a few games. Provide 3 modes for different games. Configure options from Settings. Download Add repo on Cydia/Sileo/Zebra: Brend0n’s Repo How to use Open system settings -> AccDemo Choose the game you want to enable Choose any mode. Start with mode 1 Add your defined speed Show floating button if you want My settings as an example Start the game you want to hack. If it’s not working, choose other modes Enjoy

DumpDecrypter - Decrypt IPA on jailbroken iOS

DumpDecrypter is a free application allowing you to easily decrypt iOS apps directly on your device. Decrypt installed apps and save the generated IPA file and share it or use it to modify the app code and inject dylibs. Works with all modern jailbreaks. Download: DumpDecrypter can be downloaded from the repo: Hoàng Tuân Repository How to decrypt IPA or binary: Open DumpDecrypter app Refresh the app list to display all installed apps. Tap on an app displayed on the list, and tap Continue . DumpDecrypter will open the app and start decrypting. It will take a few seconds. Once completed, it will ask you if you want to view in Filza, share it or dismiss the prompt The generated file will be located in /var/mobile/Documents/DumpDecrypter folder.

CrackerXI+ - Decrypt IPA binary on jailbroken iOS

CrackerXI+ is a free iOS utility for jailbroken iOS devices developed to decrypt installed iOS apps and generate fakesigned IPA or binary files. With a decrypted IPA file you can easily share the package or use them to modify the code and inject dylibs. Download: CrackerXI+ can be downloaded from the repo: How to Install AppCake | AppCake Cydia Repo How to decrypt IPA or binary: Open CrackerXI+ app Refresh the app list to display all installed apps. Tap on the Settings panel to enable CrackerXI Hook . Navigate back to the app list and click on an app to decrypt. Select “YES, Full IPA” if you want to decrypt IPA or “YES, Binary Only” if you want to decrypt binary only. Decrypting will take a few seconds. Once completed, the generated file will be located in /var/mobile/Documents/CrackerXI folder.

Satella - Modern IAP hacker for jailbroken iOS

Satella, a fast and modern IAP hacker for jailbroken iOS, also the only open source IAP hack ever! Why use Satella over other IAP hackers? Satella is open source , so you know it’s safe Compatible with the latest iOS versions and arm64e Lightning fast Works on all LocalIAPStore vulnerable apps Compatible with all jailbreaks on 13-14.x Toggle in the preferences to enable/disable Satella will not work with server-sided and protected games, and not work with subscriptions Repo to add on Cydia, Sileo or Zebra:

iOS modding tools that are working on Apple Silicon computers

These tools for modding purposes have been tested on my M1 Mac Mini running Big Sur 11.4 Xcode, and its command line tools (Download from App Store) Xcode Simulator Il2CppDumper CLI compiled for macOS: Il2CppDumper CLI compiled for macOS and Linux - - Android & iOS MODs, Mobile Games & Apps Il2CppInspector CLI by djkaty compiled for macOS: Il2CppInspector CLI by djkaty compiled for macOS and Linux - - Android & iOS MODs, Mobile Games & Apps 010 editor: 010 Editor - Pro Text/Hex Editor | Edit 160+ Formats | Fast & Powerful Sublime Text: Sublime Text - the sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose VS Code: Download Visual Studio Code - Mac, Linux, Windows Python 3: Download Python Theos: theos/theos Homebrew: Homebrew IDA 7.0: Yes, still working fine but it only works with extracted version, not the installer. NO links will be given here because DMCA Some apps that are not natively supported

[iOS] DLGMemor Injected (Memory hacking tool)

DLGMemor Injected, a memory hacking tool for iOS Source code: DeviLeo/DLGMemor (Note DLGMemor is not same as DLGMemor Injected) How to use: Add repo kiiimo Repository  (Note this is a piracy repo, use it at your own risk) and install DLGMemor Injected Open device settings Select DLGMemor Select the individual apps you want it to appear Launch the app and you will see floating DLG button on screen You can show or hide DLGMemor by tapping screen 3 times with 3 fingers. Screenshot:

How to open Real Debrid source in VLC

I wanna share my way to open Real Debrid source in VLC, tho it is quite complicated. I’m aware that there is a shortcut for it but it didn’t work on iOS 14, so this is the only way to do You need Debrid subscription like Real Debrid and Torrentio addon installed. Real Debrid is cheap and it’s highly recommended to use with the best speed. You wouldn’t need a computer to host a local server and you wouldn’t need a VPN Use the official development website: Stremio - All you can watch! Open any RD sources. You will get an error that video is not supported but don’t worry, there is a button to open in external player. Click on it, it will download “playlist.m3u” or “document” Open the downloaded file and copy the link Paste the link in VLC player Now you can stream

Sniper Arena Aimbot source code

Old iOS source by shmoo / hackedbyshmoo, use for educational purposes Be sure to update offsets and fix some codes if you would like to update it or use on Android Link: GitHub - akahippac/SniperArenaAimbot: sniper arena aimbot Backup link: GitHub - AndnixSH/SniperArenaAimbot: sniper arena aimbot

Decrypted IPA Downloader

I found the following sites to download decrypted IPA.

List of real and fake iOS emulators

I’m making a list of real emulators that I discovered, and fake emulators (Simulators) that most various money hungry fake websites claims they are 100% real, and best iOS Emulators to run iOS apps on PC. Some idiot sites even claim iMAME, which is an arcade emulator, is more focused on allowing you to be able to play iOS games on your computer LMFAO!!! What a joke. No offense to any of those compaines who developed simulators, they may be useful in some cases, it’s just a fact that money making blog/news websites claims they are real Don’t get excited yet, there are no decent emulators we can use for modding or gaming purposes, touchHLE is the closest for gaming, I’ll just provide info so you know If you know any real emulators that that runs on actual iOS system, no matter what language, please let me know! List of iOS emulators that runs on actual iOS system with some limitations touchHLE (iPhone OS 2.0) iPod Touch 1G (iPhoneOS 1.0) (Linux only) (iOS 13.7) (

How to view iOS app contents on Apple M1 & M2 computer

This is for Apple M1 computers only which can run iOS apps It’s same way as you view contents of your macOS apps. The iOS apps are installed on the same location /Application as where macOS apps being installed But I will show you if you don’t know that Open Finder and view your Applications Right click on the app you want to view and click “Show package contents”. (Mine says “Vis indholdet af pakke” in danish in the screenshot) Do the same on another .app file There you go. Have fun with it The binary is encrypted as usual on iOS, but did you know il2cppdumper can dump offsers even the binary is encrypted? XD

How to add toast message in your tweak

I found a project that can display a toast message in iOS which has the same functionality as Toast in Android Download Toast project as zip scalessec/Toast Extract Toast folder to your tweak In your Makefile, Add UIView+Toast.m to [PROJECTNAME]_FILES In your tweak.xm, Include UIView+Toast.h like # include "Toast/UIView+Toast.h" And add your UIView variable and hook view controller like UIViewController UIView * uiView ; //Set our view variable % hook UIViewController - ( void ) viewDidLoad { % orig ; uiView = self . view ; } % end If UIViewController doesn’t work, try other views. Now you can use it like: static void didFinishLaunching ( CFNotificationCenterRef center , void * observer , CFStringRef name , const void * object , CFDictionaryRef info ) { timer ( 2 ) { [ uiView makeToast : @"Modded by AndnixSH\ - The gaming community" ] ; load ( ) ; } ) ; } void launchEvent ( ) {

How to install .deb via SSH after compile (macOS & Linux)

It is simple with just ‘ make package install ’. I’m using macOS in Vmware to do this and it works great, it can connect to my real local IP even the virtual network is isolated. This will work with any Linux systems The first step is make sure to set your IP address of your jailbroken device in your Makefile THEOS_DEVICE_IP = then run make package install This will compile your tweak, create a deb package file and install it via ssh For the first time, you will be prompted to save your fingerprint to your device Type yes and type your SSH password if your jailbroken device (Default is alpine) That’s all But you are not done yet, installing will always prompt you to type password again So how to save password permanently? You don’t, you save your SSH keys permanently to your computer so it use your key to login without your password. Create the key pair on the client machine ssh-keygen -t rsa Once you have entered the Gen Key command, you will get a few mor

How to disable xcode-build (Fix slow compiling)

If xcode-build is slowing down your compiling process of your theos project, just switch to the normal command line tools sudo xcode-select --switch /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools This will stop xcode from slowing down and it should be fast again

How to check iOS signing status (IPSW)

Visit Choose your product Choose your platform See your current signed version, highlighted in green If you are waiting for jailbreak, best practice is to NOT update your device, like don’t change if it is working. Only update if the version you are using is really buggy. I have been staying on iOS 14.6 for very long time since June 2021, and it still working great.

View iOS console logs on Windows (No Mac)

It’s possible to view iOS console logs on Windows using 3rd party tools such as iMazing. No need Mac at all You need normal version of iTunes, not Windows store version, It won’t work with 3rd party tools iMazing Download: Download iMazing 2 for Mac and PC - Official Page Click on Show Device Console to open the console log 3uTools Download: 3uTools | The best all-in-one tool for iOS users Go to Toolbox and click on Realtime log

iOS crash log location (Jailbreak)

While viewing console via iMazing on Windows, i discovered that it tells me the crash log been saved into: /private/var/mobile/Library/Logs/CrashReporter. No need to use Xcode to view crash log This might be useful to diagnose the issues of your tweak

List of tweaks to bypass jailbreak detection

Here are the currently known Jailbreak Bypasses available in no particular order You do not need to whitelist apps if any deb hacks/cheats have JB bypass build-in Not all apps works, you would have to ask tweak developer to add support, or search for tutorial, especially on reddit Tweaks Kernel bypass may be some risks involved. Use it at your own risk Hestia Download from repo: Packix A-Bypass Download from repo: Merona Repo Shadow Download from repo: jjolano’s iOS Tweaks Liberty Lite Download from repo: Jailprotect Download from repo: julioverne’s Repo Vnodebypass (it will disable all tweaks when turned on) Download from repo: Will feel Tips Vnodebypass CC Module (Requires Vnodebypass installed) Download from repo: iHide Download from repo: Fly-JB (Original repo has been deleted) Repo mirror: Pancakeufo’s Repository or FlyJB Backup Repo Repo mirror 2: FlyJB KernBypass (May not wor

How to compile Android Studio project via command line

Android Studio IDE has become more buggy and shit, stuck on loading devices, invalid syntaxes even it still able to compile, random freezing, high CPU usages on idle, and many more. Maybe i’m dumb, but honestly it works like shit. Invalidate caches and full reinstall doesn’t help much. i’m tired of it, and gave up using it so I needed to find a way to compile via command line instead. Using Notepad++ and CMD is so much better for me. Today I will share my way to compile an Android Studio project via command line. I will use LGL menu as an example LGLTeam/Android-Mod-Menu I will not explain the techinal details about how to set environment variable path, extracting zip, installation, etc, as the internet already covers. Just search how to do it Correct me if i’m wrong, i’m not the best in Android development Setup and Installation: Assuming you have Android Studio, SDK and NDK installed. If not, please install them, gradle will not work without them Additionally you can set the env

IDA Pro: Synchronized view

IDA 7.3 and above can synchronize view with disassembly and pseudocode First, press F5 on your keyboard or Open subviews -> Generate pseduocode F5 to generate pseudocode. More info IDA Pro: How to decompile to pseudocode - - Android & iOS MODs, Mobile Games & Apps Right click: Synchronize with -> IDA View-X, Hex View-X Now the corresponding lines are colorized. You can press TAB to switch between the two views If you want split view, drag the pseudocode window to the right side Enjoy! See: IDA: What’s new in 7.3 – Hex Rays Video clip:

Android Studio: How to fix error "java.lang.NullPointerException (no error message)"

I try to work with old project that hasn’t been updated years ago. I got an exception without any explanation. Code: A problem occurred configuring project ':app'. > java.lang.NullPointerException (no error message) The error is caused by gradle. Most of the answers I found didn’t help, because whatever I do, it always fails. After hours and hours, I finally found a fix by myself. Change gradle version to latest verison Assuming you know the latest version of gradle version, open build.gradle (NOT in /app/build.gradle) and change to latest version in the dependencies. Example: Code: '' to Code: '' (4.1.2 as of March 2021) Now Sync, if asked You will now get another error about Gradle version, just click the blue text Fix Gradle wrapper and re-import project . You should be good to go \o/ Hope it helps!