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How to install Xposed on any Android Emulators running 5.1.1 and up

This is step by step to install xposed on any emulators running Lollipop and above. Thanks to Sean Post at Facebookfor contributing guide for Memu emulator but I have improved the tutorials.Note: Not all emulators work. In some cases, you may need to downgrade to older versions, maybe from 2018 or 2019For Emulators running Kitkat 4.4.4 and below, please use old Xposed Installer Any file manager apps. I use X-plore- Any Terminal app from Play Store. I recommended Termux- SuperSU 2.79 APK: Link 1 or Link 2 (Don't use SuperSU 2.82 because It no longer have ability to replace Superuser and you will get occupied error.)- Know some basic of linux terminal commands1. Install both Terminal and SuperSU
2. Install SU Binaries as normal and reboot in order for the Xposed installer to work.

Allow superuser permission when asked3. Download xposed at Then select correct sdk version …

dnSpy 4.5.2 by 0xd4d (stable version)

I finally found it on my HDD. This is the final stable version of 4, better than 5.0.0 release version, but beta version might be better since I reported bugs to dev lol.

Download Spy zip


Files are untouched and are clean

If you wanna try beta version of 5.x.x, download this version: