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How to fix game assets downloading error

This tutorial is for games that are using Play Asset Delivery. If you encountered downloading issues, it is because Google Play Store has a so called “anti-cheat”, detecting modded/tampered APK and prevents downloading assets to the game. The detection were added since version v39.6.26. Follow any of these methods below to bypass the detection Non-root methods (Android 14 and below): Note: Android 15 may come with factory version of Play Store above v39.6.26. Please stay on Android 14 as long as possible Method #1 (Block Play Store update): Highly recommended if you want to use old version of Play Store for long term Wi-Fi connection is required to be able to use Shizuku. The video tutorial is available (Use any free VPN (Like app ) if the video does not load in your country): Download and install Shizuku app : Download | Shizuku Follow the guide to activate Shizuku via wireless debugging or by connecting to a computer User

How to access Data & OBB folder on Android 11 and above

Starting with Android 11+, access to Android/data and /Android/obb is restricted by Google . Restrictions are related to security. Sensitive information may be stored in these folders. You would need a computer to access them normally, however there is still a way to access Android/data and /Android/obb directory without a PC Shizuku app Download Shizuku from Play Store or other sources: Download | Shizuku Read user manual how to start Shizuku User manual | Shizuku Once you have started Shizuku, go to Authorized apps list. Choose the file explorer app you want to authorize. If the file explorer app is already running, make sure to close it You can now access Android/data and /Android/obb in read-write mode without permission (Notice the small Shizuku icon of Android folder) Other methods You can see ZArchiver’s guide how to grant access to Android/data and /Android/obb without Shizuku/ADB

How to backup app data using Swift Backup app (Root only)

Most users probably don’t need a backup tool since most games comes with login system, or transfer ID. But some offline games does not offer an option to backup or you can’t backup because you haven’t paid the game, or using signed APK, or broken Facebook login. To use Swift Backup properly, you’ll need to root your Android device. If you don’t have root, you can use Virtual Machine and install apps you like in it Download Swift Backup from Play Store: Swift Backup - Apps on Google Play Open Swift Backup. Grant root access when asked. After grating root access, you will see this screen. Note, I PURCHASED the premium with my money, so don’t ask me for mod APK Backing up app data Tap the Apps icon Choose the app you want to backup. (I will backup CarX Rally as an example) Tap on Data, or +Backup. In rare case, you may also need to backup Ext. data. Most apps does not store data or sensitive data on /storage/emulated/0/Android/data for security reason Choose if you want to b