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Il2CppDumper GUI Tool updated to 1.0.8

1.0.8 (2019-03-29) - Updated Il2CppDumper to 4.2.5-beta, with support of NSO file (Nintendo Switch) - Can drag and drop DLL (GameAssembly.dll of PC game) and NSO file (Nintendo Switch)
Extract .NET metadata from il2cpp binaries. (types, methods, fields, etc.)
Extraction code is based on Il2CppDumper
Requirements: - Net Framework 4 - Windows 7 and above
Features: Supports il2cpp binaries in ELF(arm, x86) and Mach-O(32bit, 64bit) formatSupports global-metadata version 16 and 19-24Extracts .NET metadata including types, fields, properties, methods and attributesSupports automated IDA script generationname and tag methodsstore dynamic string literals in commentsomakefunction to improve ida analysis Generates dummy DLLs that can be viewed in .NET decompilers
GUI Features: ·Select files ·Rename files ·Set output directory. ·Set mode. ·Set registration offsets ·Auto fill up offset registrations after dump

Corner cutting, Shortcutting = My favorit cheatting

It's my childhood. I have been doing shortcuts, corner cutting whatever... for years since I was 10 in any racing games.
Why not? You can easly win the race, get best time, best lap. Sadly, most modern games added rules or auto respawns and no one had made cheat/hack to disable that shit (i might be wrong).
If you play any racing games, give it a try and you will love it
I'm still doing it today lol

Here are some video example of corner cutting / shortcutting

Ghidra - NSA Reverse Engineering Tool (Freeware) (IDA Alternative)

Ghidra, A software reverse engineering (SRE) suite of tools developed by NSA's Research Directorate in support of the Cybersecurity mission
Video tutorial:

How to use ghidra: You need java to be installed on your machine. Download it from
Launch ghidraRun.bat
Accept User Agreement
Before work can be done you need to create a project
Click File -> New Project...

Choose your protect Type
Non-Shared Project: Work alone, locally Shared Project: Work with a team via server
Decide where to store your project and give it a name
Now you can start importing file via file menu or drag and drop a file
Ghidra populated the file format and language if they can be auto-detected

Click OK if it's correct The Import Results Summary window will appear. It gives a summary of infomation about your program. Click OK.
Now you are ready to open a program in a tool. Double-click on file to open.
Click Yes

Then click Analyze using either the default options or …

PMT Ads Tool (Ads Injection) updated to 1.0.1

PMT Ads Tool updated to 1.0.1
Changes: - Fixed instant crashes - Split unsigned and signed APK (You will have to fix unsigned apk by yourself. The tool can't fix it automatically)
Download: Dropbox - PMT Ads Tool

Download PMT Ads Tool zip

PMT Ads Tool
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