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Il2CppInspector 2020.2 beta

The latest beta version of Il2CppInspector 2020.2 now support drag & drop metadata and binary together and drag & drop APK or decrypted IPA file. Thanks djkaty for accepting my suggestion!

Il2CppInspector 2020.1

So djkaty wanted me to post about it. Here you go =D

Il2CppInspector 2020.1 delivers dozens of improvements including several major new features: IDA functionality enhancements: Il2CppInspector now outputs type declarations for all IL2CPP internal types and types used by the application, including all generic instances, plus address mapping for every type definition and method argument types. Boxed types are generated as required. Memory-mapped vtables are generated for every type. Function boundary mapping has also been improved.C++ scaffolding output module: You can now output C++ headers with type declarations for all IL2CPP internal types and types used by the application, including all generic instances and inferred usages from metadata, plus all vtables and applicable boxed types. You can select which C++ compiler to target for the output (MSVC or GCC). Perfect for use with x64dbg among others!Native APK and (decrypted) IPA su…

Andnix's Hosts Adblocker

Tired of ads and popups that ruin your experience and interrupt while surfing on the web, playing games, waitching video? This hosts file will block ads across your operating system, in your browser, in the apps and the games.Hold (Mobile) or right click (PC) on this link and save as fileand replace it or add this host on any adblocker VPN apps or adblocker host modifier with root permission the hosts file on the location of hosts file:Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etciOS / FreeBSD / Linux / Mac OS X / Unixish operating systems: /etc/hostsAndroid: /system/etcOr you can add this link on any adblocker VPN apps or adblocker host modifier with root permissionNote:This hosts file is meant to be used on operating system or on Adblocker apps which uses VPN or modify hosts file with root permission like AdAway. It is mainly for mobile but it can be used on PC as well.It is not meant to be used with adblocker plugins on…

How to play Dead by Daylight Mobile on Bluestacks 4 64-bit emulator

Dead by Daylight Mobile is finally working on Bluestacks 4 64-bit version ( and up) and is the first one to support. It took them a year to make it work. The game is lagging a lot and hard to play, and graphic rendering too short making it hard to see someone far away but you can see the engine lights far away XD. OpenGL 3.1 emulation still need a hell lot of improvements for this game.
Video footage:
Important It is recommended that you have good hardware that can handle emulation and a good nvidia GPU that support OpenGL 3.x. Unsure about AMD but someone said the game couldn't run on AMD GPU. Intel Graphics are not supported i think.You can't play Tutorial on Bluestacks. Play tutorial on your real device and then login with your existing account on Bluestacks. I think it can be fixed with GLTools (Root needed)
OpenGL 3.1 emulation is still in alpha stage, lags and bugs are expected. Don't e…

A website to download Arcade PC dumps

I'm now interested in arcade games, even PC based arcades I never played before

Just wanna let you know Emuline is only the website to download many PC based arcade dumps

And if you have Dance Super Station dump, please share. It's not available in my country and I want it so bad XDD

macOS 10.15.5 Catalina ISO file for Vmware and Virtualbox