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Oldest iOS game hacking tutorial (PDF)

Yes, this is the oldest iOS tutorial I found. It was created since 2010 by iphonecheating, but I still had it since 2012 XD The tutorial is about string hacking in IDA for Plants vs. Zombies for iOS Link:

YouTube Reborn tweak open sourced by SarahH12099

SarahH12099 who is the iOS developer just open sourced her tweaks and stopped the development due to life issues. Very sad, wish she will be alright someday :( Github page: Backstory:

Il2CppInspector CLI by djkaty compiled for macOS and Linux

Execute Il2CppInspector via command line on macOS or Linux   Note for macOS: This also works on Apple M1/Silicon computers. If you got permission denied, please run this command chmod +x Il2CppInspector Then you can execute Il2CppInspector   Usage: Basic example ./Il2CppInspector -i (binary file) -m (metadata)     -i, --bin                   (Default: IL2CPP binary, APK, AAB, XAPK, IPA, Zip or Linux process map text input file(s) (single file or comma-separated list for split APKs)     -m, --metadata              (Default: global-metadata.dat) IL2CPP metadata file input (ignored for APK/AAB/XAPK/IPA/Zip)     --image-base                For ELF memory dumps, the image base address in hex (ignored for standard ELF files and other file formats)     --select-outputs            Only generate outputs specified on the command line (use --cs-out, --py-out, --cpp-out, --json-out, --dll-out to select outputs). If not specified, all outputs are generated  

MuMu Player emulator - Android 6.0.1 & Android 12

Download from official website: English:  MuMu Player-Fast Android Emulator for PC, Perfectly supports various mobile games Chinese:  MuMu 模 拟器常见问题 _ 问题解决 _ 疑 难解答 System requirements (Android 12) Operating system:  Win7 and above, including DirectX 11.0 or OpenGL 4. x Note:  If the system only supports 32-bit, you cannot install the 64-bit version of the Android emulator. CPU:  i5 7500 and above, 4 cores and above, support and open VT Graphics card: Poor compatibility with AMDCPU, XeonCPU, AMD graphics card, MX graphics card, recommended using Intel CPU, graphics card Surface series computers do not have VT, cannot run the emulator properly   Memory:  4G and above Disk space:  2G or more available space on the installation disk, 1.5G or more available space on the system disk System requirements (Android 6.0.1) OS:  Windows 7 or higher wi

My old mod menu template still being used as clickbaits

Well, I know that long time ago and they still doing it today. I don't think I can do much about it than maybe reporting the videos The first image you see below is my default mod menu template for DLL/mono backend games: If you see something that look like my default mod menu like this on youtube...   Or if you see a thumbnail of pc/console based mod menus but the video is about mobile mods like this don't fall for it, it's 100% clickbait!!! And I don't support CoDM hacks/mods. Don't ask me for mods