MuMu Player emulator - Android 6.0.1 & Android 12

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MuMu Player-Fast Android Emulator for PC, Perfectly supports various mobile games


System requirements (Android 12)
Operating system: 
Win7 and above, including DirectX 11.0 or OpenGL 4. x
Note: If the system only supports 32-bit, you cannot install the 64-bit version of the Android emulator.
CPU: i5 7500 and above, 4 cores and above, support and open VT
Graphics card:

  1. Poor compatibility with AMDCPU, XeonCPU, AMD graphics card, MX graphics card, recommended using Intel CPU, graphics card
  2. Surface series computers do not have VT, cannot run the emulator properly


Memory: 4G and above
Disk space: 2G or more available space on the installation disk, 1.5G or more available space on the system disk

System requirements (Android 6.0.1)
Windows 7 or higher with DirectX 11.0 or OpenGL 4.x
CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-2100 or better, a minimum of quad-core processor configuration, supports VT.
Graphics card (min. requirements for smooth performance): GTX 280 or HD 6790

Note: We recommend Intel CPUs and graphic cards because previous compatibility issues with some of the AMD counterparts have been detected.

RAM: 4G or more
Storage: At least 2G of free space on installation disk; at least 1.5G of free space in the system disk

Help and Support
MuMu Player Support-Frequently Asked Questions



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