MuMu/Nemu emulator 64-bit version, Android 6.0.1 (New links)


MuMu App Player by Netease has offered 64-bit version running Android 6.0.1 long time ago but it's only available at the official forum page. MuMu is stable and have more features than TianTian



If you already have 32-bit english or chinese version installed, uninstall it first. It will delete all your data

Download 64-bit version from this page 

And click on 安卓64位版本 (Android 64-bit version)


Before you install, you need to know if the installer is 64-bit. Click on the blue text 自定义主装》(Custom installation)

Look at the default path, if the default path is "C:\Program Files\MuMu", it's 64-bit. If it is "C:\Program Files (x86)\MuMu", it's 32-bit

Ready to install? Click the blue button



Other installation method:

For peoples who have problem with default installer of arm64 version of this emulator but the pc is compatible, there are other way to install


Download latest version nemu-x.x.xx-x64-1.exe and nemu- x.x.xx-x64-2.exe from

Download 击安装mumu.exe


Place them in folder where you want install the emulator then execute 点击安装mumu模拟器.exe

It will create nemu folder where it will install emulator


Changing Language to English of Mumu Interface

If you want to translate the settings of emulator in english, read below


Method 1:

Download language.rar


Navigate to [Installed directory of mumu]\emulator\nemu\EmulatorShell\language\ (Default path: C:\Program Files\MuMu\emulator\nemu\EmulatorShell\language\)

. Delete everything there and place the content of the downloaded archive

Now you have installed memu with 64 bit support translated in english (somethings will remain in chinese)


Thanks @nik2143


Method 2:



Navigate to [Installed directory of mumu]\emulator\nemu\EmulatorShell\language\zh_CN (Default path: C:\Program Files\MuMu\emulator\nemu\EmulatorShell\language\zh_CN)


Replace the file emulatorshell_zh.qm with the one you downloaded


Thanks Android Emulation


Video tutorial:



If the download are very slow, try those links

Those links have everything you need

Changing Language to English on Android

To change language to english on system, go to settings and follow the steps:



Select English


Install Google Services

We need Google services. Go back to launcher and open KK Helper