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Video - Hacking Unity3D using Cheat engine and mod using Hex editor

This video shows you complicated way to mod Unity games and how to test modified hex using Cheat engine and mod it using hex editor after testing

GetSignature tools

Get Signature tools are useful to find signature checks of APK file GetApkSignInfo.jar Download: Usage: java -jar GetApkSignInfo.jar <apk|jar> Screenshot: GetAndroidSig.jar (old) Download: Usage: java -jar GetAndroidSig.jar <apk/jar> Screenshot:  

Last Day On Earth - Replace/swap savegame using Fiddler2

After update 1.6.8, my savedata got corrupted caused the game got stuck in loading screen. I reinstalled the game, stull stuck. I have no choice but I had to erase my savegame using Fiddler2 because there is no way to erase my savegame that was logged in with my Google account and contacing support will take long time. I found out that you can swap savegame using restore. Check out the video. Note: I only hack my own savegame with the generated savegames. I don't hack others and I don't have access to see ID list. Anyone is interested?

[Fake bug] How to remove fake crash in .dll file (Unity games)

Application.Quit() is the common code to troll modders, which make them stop modding their game. There are still other ways to create fake crashes outside Unity code. In dnSpy or Reflector, Search "Quit", and Analyze Quit of unityEngine.Application Find the suspecious method that calls Application.Quit() method Simply remove Application.Quit();

ARM basics cheatsheet

Original source:

How to bypass signature check in smali (Client-sided bypassing)

Bypassing client-sided signature check is super easy and can be bypassed in many ways In In this tutorial, I will show you how to bypass "Not a genuine copy" from TAP SPORTS BASEBALL 2016 You need Notepad++ and apktool. You can use APK Easy Tool Decompile APK file Open Notepad++, click Search -> Find in files… . Select the directory to search and search "not a genuine copy" Here is the result. We only look for name="invalid_signature" that is used by smali code. Search invalid_signature Find the const-string v that is using the invalid_signature string, like: const-string v3, "string/invalid_signature" as seen below Replace const/4 v4, 0x0 with 0x1 so it returns true. The game will pass the signature check and let you play. That's all, the game will launch My next step is to bypass server-sided signature check that makes the game stuck in loading screen, yep another fake bug

How to fix Lucky Patcher root problem on Memu emulator

In Memu 3.x.x.x, it is running Kitkat ROM by default but there is a bug in (dalvik runtime) that caused Lucky Patcher not to work correctly. In logcat, I found an error of There is no clear details about errors 10-30 20:51:40.800 I/System.out( 6175): CANNOT LINK EXECUTABLE: could not load library "" needed by "/data/data/"; caused by "" has unexpected e_machine: 3 I have contacted both developers of Lucky Patcher and Memu but I have not got any response from them. So how do I do now? how do I fix the problem? There is no fix yet, but luckily there is a workaround. Lucky Patcher works on Lollipop ROM so let's install it. Open Multiple Instance Manager ( Multi-MEmu shortcut on your desktop) Create Android 5.1 ROM   Android 5.1 will be created. Start it Visit

Video - Craziest game hacks ever seen!

Those epic videos i found on Youtube. GTA 5 Online: "Epsilon UNDETECTED 1.41 ONLINE PC MOD MENU" + DOWNLOAD - PC Mod Menu (GTA 5 PC Mods) TROLLING A FAKE GOLDEN MODZ IN GTA ONLINE! (GTA 5 Mods) Asphalt 8 - Breaking the Speed of Light (1079252848.8 km/h+) Super Mario 3D World Hacks - Weird Mushroom MARIO KART 8 HACKS! - Hack Attack! - Aurum Mario Kart Wii Hacking Online on 2017!

Video - How a youtuber fixed a 10 year old Guitar Hero bug on PC using IDA Pro

This video explains how he fixed a 10 year old Guitar Hero 3 bug using IDA Pro. You will learn more about x86 assembly. Good luck :)

[Outdated] How to load dumped Il2Cpp function names in IDA Pro (2017)

Did you saw after dumping and you don't know what it is? it's a generated python script to load function names in IDA First of all, you must dump il2cpp games using Il2CppDumper. Follow the tutorial Install Python 2.7 After dump, you will see located in location where Il2CppDumper.exe is located Open IDA Pro, disassemble a binary file and let it fully load Click on File -> Script File… Select the file to run Wait around 30 seconds Done. Now you can see function names in IDA Pro Credits: AndnixSH# (Tutorial) Perfare (Il2CppDumper)