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AndnixSH aims to provide the latest game modding tutorials, general stuff, and tech information.

The infomation provided on andnixsh.com are only for educational purposes only. We are in no way responsible for any misuse of the infomation provided.

You may see the same post again because updating post will make it appear on top

If you've got anything useful to say, contact via email: 

Read before contacting:
I don't offer support with mods via email. Post on the appropriate thread where the mod came from

I don't use social medias. Anyone who use the name "AndnixSH" or similar names under the profile are considered FAKE and SCAM.

Do not contact if you came across my issues on Github, and assuming I have solved something. Create a new issue of the project you need help with

To get help in general, please try to search for public answers as much as possible, and at least use try to use ChatGPT.

The following subjects will be ignored and deleted immediately!

- Advertisting, phishing, spamming, guest post, partnership and collaboration. I'm not dumb to fall into that

- Asking for a cheat, hack, mod, unlocking or updating mod

- Asking for help with game cheating/hacking/modding

- Asking for paying to get help. This trick won't work for me

- Asking for help protecting your mod or your game

- Asking for help decrypting, dumping or bypassing games (even if I have published an article about it). It's a pain to help with it 

- Talking about Tencent games, Garena games, Apex and battle royale games related

Please respect if you have not recieved a response because you did anything wrong or I'm not interested to talk about a specific subject. I have right to block you without notice 

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA):
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Privacy policy:
See: https://www.andnixsh.com/p/privacy-policy.html

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