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How to install LSPosed on Magisk for Android 8.1 or above

A Riru / Zygisk module trying to provide an ART hooking framework which delivers consistent APIs with the OG Xposed, leveraging LSPlant hooking framework. Emulators are fully supported. If you are using Android 8.0 or below, use Systemless Xposed Installer module instead. See: Download the LSPosed ZIP package: Releases · LSPosed/LSPosed If you’re using Zygisk, download the file named If you’re using Riru, download the file named, Open the Magisk app, and switch to the Modules tab using the bottom navigation menu. Tap on the button named Install from storage (Package icon on bottom-right corner if youuse Mgisk Delta). Next, browse and select the ZIP you downloaded earlier. After a successful installation, click Reboot to reboot Android system. If you use Emulator, do not click Reboot , instead restart the emulator by clicking close butt

How to create unsigned APK file for rooted devices + Lucky Patcher or Core Patch

Why unsigned APK, and why is it recommended for most games? With an unsigned APK, you can install the APK over the original. You can login with your Google account without signature error, and login with your Facebook account without uninstalling Facebook app. “Unsigned” means, that you leaved the opened jacket open. You changed the APK and modified it, but you leaved the opened original Key inside, you do not sign it with the test/own signature key. Android’s security does not allow it by default. But if you root your device and disable signature via Lucky Patcher or Core Patch, you will be able to tell the device “the jacket is closed, install it”. In this way you are able to update the original playstore game with a mod and will be able to login with the Google+ account. You simply lying to your device. You can only install an unsigned APK on your rooted device because it require the signature to be disabled using Lucky Patcher or Core Patch. If your phone is not rooted, please se

How to install Xposed on rooted device & emulator running Android 5.0-8.1

Thanks to KhanhNguyen9872 for the modded version of Xposed Installer 3.1.5 that fixes connection issue, and added x86_64 support, we can install Xposed easly without using recovery. I have only tested on Memuplay emulator but it should work on other emulators, and rooted phones as well Important: Xposed Installer works only on Lollipop 5.x.x, Marshmallow 6.x, Nougat 7.x.x, Oreo 8.x. If you are using Android 9 Pie and above, use Magisk (Or Magisk Delta for emulator) with LSposed module instead. Search for the tutorials how to do it If you are using Magisk Delta on emulators, please completely uninstall Magisk Delta first, enable root in emulator settings and reboot, then you can install Xposed. Otherwise, you will get an error “mv: can’t rename ‘/system/lib/’: Device or resource busy” (See screenshot below) After Xposed installation, you can install Magisk Delta back Download modded Xposed Installer 3.1.5 Link 1:

How to fix PNG error on Apktool

I got a strange PNG error when trying to compile I: Using Apktool 2.5.0 I: Smaling smali folder into classes.dex... I: Smaling smali_classes2 folder into classes2.dex... I: Smaling smali_classes3 folder into classes3.dex... I: Smaling smali_classes4 folder into classes4.dex... I: Smaling smali_classes5 folder into classes5.dex... I: Building resources... W: libpng error: Not a PNG file W: ERROR: Failure processing PNG image E:\APK Easy Tool\1-Decompiled APKs\gameexample\res\mipmap\ic_launcher_background.png brut.androlib.AndrolibException: brut.common.BrutException: could not exec (exit code = 1): We can see an error occured on \gameexample\res\mipmap\ic_launcher_background.png How to solve it? Basically use any image editing software that support transparent like Photoshop, and just re-save the PNG file, then it will successfully compile the APK I: Using Apktool 2.5.0 I: Smaling smali folder into classes.dex... I: Smaling smali_classes2 folder into classes2.dex... I: Smaling smali

How to make a custom Virtual Android ROM for Virtual Android app

I’m making a tutorial how I make a custom ROM for Virtual Android app You need to know the basics of Android ROM modding and APK modding in general. You can refer to XDA for infomation about android ROM structure. Don’t worry, you don’t need much coding knowledge for this Do not expect that you can make a ROM with other Android versions like Android 11, or use the ROM from other devices. You would need to build a specific kernel ONLY for Virtual Android. It’s not easy than you think. Please do not be that dumb Getting started: You need CN version of Virtual Android . We can’t edit url directly in Play store version Apktool to modify APK. You can use GUI tool called APK Tool GUI A server to host your ROM. You can use free one like 000webhost File manager or zip utility to modify ZIP file Original ROM and modding kits: 2.24 GB folder on MEGA How to get the original ROM by myself? If you like to know to get the original ROM by yourself

How to install unsigned APK using Lucky Patcher (Xposed method)

If you have root and Xposed or Magisk + LSPosed module installed, you can use Xposed option in Lucky Patcher to disable signature checks If you don’t have Xposed, follow normal way Installing Xposed For Android 8.0 and above: You need Magisk with LSposed module. For emulator, use Magisk-Delta and install Magisk into system pertition Magisk v24 and up Enabled Zygisk in Magisk settings, if not enabled already Download latest LSPosed zygisk Releases · LSPosed/LSPosed Open Magisk, go to Module. Tap Install from storage and select .zip file of LSposed you just downloaded Reboot Magisk v23 and below Download latest Riru - Core Releases · RikkaApps/Riru Download latest LSPosed zygisk Releases · LSPosed/LSPosed Open Magisk, go to Module. Tap Install from storage and select .zip file of Riru Tap Install from storage and select .zip file of LSposed Reboot For Android 5.0

How to install unsigned APK using Lucky Patcher (Rooted device-Emulator-VM)

Can’t login with your Google+ on modded games? Really need to uninstall Facebook? NO PROBLEM. Today, I will show you how to patch signature, so you can install any UNSIGNED modded apk. This is usally for rooted devices only but non-rooted devices can use any Virtual Machine apps which can be rooted Note: Signature patching may not work on 64-bit emulators. Use Xposed method or CorePatch instead Requirements: Rooted device or emulator, or rooted Virtual Machine apps for non-rooted device Lucky Patcher app Busybox app (normal root) or Busybox for Android NDK (Magisk version). Busybox is not really required to patch, but it is recommended to install it to stop Lucky Patcher from warning you Steps for normal root with SuperSU or other Superusers: Download Busybox app from Play Store: BusyBox - Apps on Google Play You will be greeted with the Install BusyBox screen. Simply click Install to install busybox A message will show it was s

Mod source codes collections

The place to get spoonfeed with my source codes and offsets of the games I have modded, and also others which I got permission to share or found from the web. Credits given in the specific files. You can use them learn and see how I wrote the code, and get ideas, if you have common sense. Most codes are very old since 2014. Sources may be messy. It’s also to stop leechers from leeching my offsets when it’s impossible to stop them, due to shaddy scripts wide spread. Now they can just find this repo straight forward without leeching. I’ll try to share more codes of my active mods when I can, considering if devs doesn’t bother patching something This isn’t really straightforward spoonfeeding, I don’t offer any support with this repo. If I don’t spoonfeed enough, just learn more programming and modding and at least have common sense! I’ll appreciate if you can credit to me and others (if mentioned in the source) if you wanna use the sources Have fun :) Link: AndnixSH/Free-Shared-Mod-C

How to activate VMOS Assistant to run VMOS on Android 12 and above

In Android 12 and above, the system restricts the process, the virtual machine runs unstable or cannot continue to run in the background. You need to obtain shell permissions to remove the restriction. Therefore, it is necessary to download VMOS Assistant to assist in obtaining Shell permissions. You only need to activate it once. After activation once, you don’t need to pay attention to the activation status of the assistant. If VMOS Pro runs unstable or cannot continue to run in the background, just activate it again! When you try to use VMOS app without VMOS Assistant on Android 12 and above, you will get a prompt to download it Activation: In this tutorial, I will use my tablet Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite running Android 13 Download and install VMOS assistant from the official website: VMOS小助手 Open the VMOS assistant, and open the first four steps of preparation. Steps translated below 1. Connect your phone to WiFi 2. Unlock the “Developer Options” in the system settings 3. Tur