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Patching signature in Bluestacks 4 works again

I've heard patching/disabling signature check doesn't work on Bluestacks I just tried it, Lucky Patcher got stuck forever and Bluestacks interface messing up while patching but it actually patched it. So to get it work: Update Bluestacks:  BlueStacks - Der Beste Android Emulator Für PC . I highly recommended uninstalling Bluestacks that erase all data and install it back Update BStweaker to root Bluestacks:  BlueStacks Tweaker Official Site . Full stop BS, go to Root and unlock and open BS. After it loaded engine, patch it to root instantly Update LuckyPatcher:  Lucky Patcher V8.5.5 Download Latest APK - [OFFICIAL WEBSITE] Open LP. Click Toolbox -> Patch to Android. Apply first 2 patches This is the important part, LP will get stuck in "Please wait" forever and BS interface messing up. You must wait 5 minutes and close BS Reopen BS and open LP, Toolbox -> Patch to Android. If 2 patches says (patch applied), patch the 3rd one. If not, try again and

How to mod split APKs (App bundles)

Modding split is not hard as you think. Only difference is you need to sign them all and install with Split APKs Installer app Before you start modding split apk: Check if APK still support 4.4 and below which provides single APK using Apkcombo If apk is not outdated and still provide single APK, mod single APK instead to save your time a little bit Instructions: Important: Always focus on ARMv7 libs and optionaly ARM64. ARMv7 libs works on ARM64, x86, x86_64 while ARM64 libs works on x86_64. Don't waste time mod x86 libs if ARM libs work on x86 devices/emulators Backup split APK from your ARMv7 device: Or download split APK from Apkcombo. Select Architecture to make split APK links appear under Download