Patching signature in Bluestacks 4 works again

I've heard patching/disabling signature check doesn't work on Bluestacks
I just tried it, Lucky Patcher got stuck forever and Bluestacks interface messing up while patching but it actually patched it.

So to get it work:
Update Bluestacks: 
BlueStacks - Der Beste Android Emulator Für PC. I highly recommended uninstalling Bluestacks that erase all data and install it back
Update BStweaker to root Bluestacks: 
BlueStacks Tweaker Official Site. Full stop BS, go to Root and unlock and open BS. After it loaded engine, patch it to root instantly
Update LuckyPatcher: 
Lucky Patcher V8.5.5 Download Latest APK - [OFFICIAL WEBSITE]

Open LP. Click Toolbox -> Patch to Android. Apply first 2 patches

This is the important part, LP will get stuck in "Please wait" forever and BS interface messing up. You must wait 5 minutes and close BS

Reopen BS and open LP, Toolbox -> Patch to Android. If 2 patches says (patch applied), patch the 3rd one. If not, try again and try uncheck "only patch dalvik-cache"

Wait 5 minutes, close and reopen BS and open LP. If the 3rd says (patch applied), congrats, now you can install unsigned APK :D

Versions I've tested
BStweaker: 5.15.0
LuckyPatcher: 8.5.5


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