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How to enable root on VMOS

Download and install VMOS + VMOS Unlocker if you haven't already installed it VMOS Unlocker is to unlock root option (I guess) Open Settings Go to ROOT Enable root and watch video ads If ads can't play, wait 30 sec until it enables root Restart VMOS   You will see a Superuser app on the app drawer Enjoy!

BlueMaxima's Flashpoint - Play old Flash games offline

Do not worry about Flash dying. BlueMaxima's Flashpoint lets you play over 40000 flash games offline. Flashpoint supports other kinds of web technology, Unity Web Player, Adobe Shockwave, Java, HTML5 and more. Find your favorite games, double click to play and enjoy

Il2CppInspector 2.0

Il2CppInspector 2 is a complete overhaul of the original Il2CppInspector dumper tool, with massively improved usability and tons of new features, including: Support for all IL2CPP versions from Unity 5.3 to 2020 Generates accurate well-formed C# code with syntactic sugar and language features up to C# 7.3 Generate stub code Visual Studio solutions (with .sln and .csproj files) including assembly references for your Unity install The most detailed IDA script output available including full .NET method signatures, generic method instantiation and custom attribute support, plus support for Method.Invoke thunks, basic IL2CPP metadata structures and all available IL metadata Customize your output: exclude unwanted namespaces, split types by assembly, namespace and/or class, produce a flattened set of files or folder hierarchy, sort types within files, separate assembly-level attributes into their own files, suppress metadata comments in

I joined modded lobby for the first time on GTA V

This is the first time I ever joined modded lobby by a random youtuber His youtube channel is XrayDelta.exe I usally don't have time to play games but after hearing announcements about money glitches, lobbies, mod menus etc. it was time to try something. This time, modded lobby XD Be aware there are some fake live streamers who claims there are modded lobbies for PS4 and XBOX