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Exposing localization string from code on Unity games

Hard to find right function to hack? You can expose localization string to find function easier

There are many ways to get localize. Open Assembly-Csharp.dll in dnSpy, Look around until you find something similar. In this case, it's LocalizationManager.GetLocalizedValue

Modify it to return string from string parameter. In this case, "key"

You will see something like this in-game

Search the string in dnSpy and you find the right function :)

Android Unity Mod Menu with image changing

See source code:

Bypassing smart fake init crash

A year ago, A modder asked for help with Bike Race, so I had decided to look into it. I had bypassed fake crash long time ago but now I will finally make tutorial to help you get smarter with the fake crash situation. Devs think they are smart enough to create fake crash to troll cheaters but not at all, I'm smarter than them haha.

Decompile, compile, sign and install APK. Game force closed

I took a look in logcat and found this. "Call init() first", hmm... why does it need to Call init first?

This is the code I found on \smali\com\topfreegames\bikerace\AppRemoteConfig.smali file where the error occured. I looked everywhere and couldn't figure it out why this happen.

I went to and look for earlier versions of APKs, I found something interesting. The lib was added on 7.0.2 while 7.0.1 have no lib. Later version 7.7.0 had all string stripped out so I disassembled lib from 7.0.2 on IDA which was the first version it have lib included.
Wow this l…