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How to use GameGuardian without root in Virtual space app (with video tutorials)

Hello dear Cheaters, Since feburary 2018, GameGuardian have the ability to hack games on non-root device only if GG and game are running inside virtual space app, such as VirtualXposed, Parallel Space and Lite version, GO multiple etc. Functionality of GG and apps/games may be limited like you can't purchase items in-game, game won't launch. Root your device or use Emulator if you don't like limited functionality. So let's get started. Are you looking for video tutorials? Here they are: Video tutorials: No root [from scratch] (boring and long video) - GameGuardian No root via optimized Parallel Space Lite - GameGuardian No root via VirtualXposed (without error 105) - GameGuardian No root - GameGuardian If you prefer text tutorial, read below. Installing GameGuardian: Download latest version of GameGuardian: The browser may ask you to open the APK file. Open it and install it. Launch GG, the G

Simple draggable mod menu template

Hello there, Weeks ago, I made a simple draggable menu template for newbies or modders who don't have experience with C#. I'm using it too XD. The design might look boring for you but this is fine for me. I'm lazy to make it look better. Link to repository: You simply add this code as a new class on dnSpy and then hack functions. No need adding own custom DLL which breaks unsigned apk. If you want to test the code in Unity editor, change   "public static void OnGUI()" to "public void OnGUI()" and remove "static" of other methods If you haven't make mod menu yet, follow the tutorial to get started: I will try to make it way better in the future.

New theme and HTTPS support!

So I spent a weekend customize a material template theme and added some components from to fit my needs. The theme still need some improvements. Drop down links are not working yet. they are working in progress and links in hamburger menu too Hope you like it :) And enabled HTTPS support :D

Bypass Cheat Engine detection on Unity PC games

As requested by someone All you need is dnSpy program and basic knowledge of C# programming knowledge In dnSpy, open Assembly-CSharp.dll. Search something like "Cheat", CheatEngine", "Hack" etc until you find something useful This is a hacking detection Remove the code inside brackets like this Also remove CheckForCheatEngine other hack check methods by yourself, compile and save the file.    Congrats, you have bypassed it!