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How to decrypt .dll and other files using Termux app (Root and ARM only, 5.0 and up)

I have found a new way to decrypt .dll and other files using Termux. In this tutorial, I'll show you how to decrypt an encrypted .dll file
Requirements: - Rooted device or Emulator. ARM or x86. - A powerful Android device: 1 GB RAM, 4 cores, 1.5 - 2.x GHz. If you have a low-end device, your device may freeze during dumping. - Available free space of Internal storage or Sdcard: 2 GB - Requires Android 5.0 and up. Works on Marshmallow 6.0.1. Termux will not work on 4.4.4 and below. - Termux app. It is avaliable on Play Store - Modified Winhex for Windows (free version will not work for this purpose).
- Package Name Viewer 2.0 or use to see the package name in the URL. This is not required for Cyanogenmod/Lineage OS users
Notes: There is no need PIE patching. gdb 7.12 natively support Android 5.0 and up
If your device is running Kitkat 4.4.4 and below, please read my old tutorial:
Does it work on Emula…

How to export music/audio files from Unity 3D games (Android)

Have you been looking a way to export music files from Unity 3D games but you couldn't find out? Well, you can export them easly using Unity Assets Bundle Extractor for Windows.
You can download Unity Assets Bundle Extractor from:
You need 7-Zip to open APK and OBB file:
Download the Android app/game from or other app store without a smartphone
Let's get started,
You need an APK/OBB of Unity 3D games. You can download it from 3rd party app store I mentioned I'm using the game Santa Rockstar as an example. Right click -> 7-Zip -> Open archive

Navigate to \assets\bin\Data\ to see if there assets size is bigger or not

Hmm... the assets file size is very small so we know it doesn't contain music/audio files. Close the 7-Zip
Open the OBB file and navigate to \assets\bin\Data\. Woah! there are a lot of assets files.

Go back () and extract the Data folder.

How to extract FTF and system.sin file of any Sony Xperia phones

In this tutorial, i'll show you how to extract FTF firmware and system.sin file using 7-ZIP and Flashtool. This method will work for any Sony Xperia phones that uses FTF. These programs can be downloaded from the internet
7-Zip: Flashtool: Java JDK:
Note:Flashtool require Java JDK
Let's get started,
I have a FTF firmware file of Xperia Z3 Compact. I would like to see what's inside the firmware so I'm going to open the FTF with 7-Zip. Right click -> 7-Zip -> Open archive

You will see the files inside FTF file. These .sin are images to extract .sin to partitions, example: System.sin copies to /system. System.sin is the Android OS image, so extract that file

Wait, you can't open .sin file with 7-Zip. You'll need to Extract data first In Flashtool: Click Tools -> Sin Editor. Select the system.sin file and click Extract data. It wil…

Some game developers hate il2cpp

I'm not sure why some developer decided to revert back to traditional Unity version. Any il2cpp games are working perfectly for me, but thanks devs for reverting back so we can mod it easly.

Fake bug - Enable events for cheaters in Kim Kardashian

A person told me that the event disappear when using a mod of Kim Kardashian without any error, without ban message, and without any notice.
I analysed the game and i just found a fake bug right there.

CanShowPromosToCheaters checks if a player is a cheater or not. If a player is a cheater, the event will be hidden without any notice. It is called fake bug, so we have to say "Nice try devs".
This can be enabled by modifying the so file with hex editor or with IDA Pro. Replace with 01 20 70 47 (MOV R0, #1 and BX LR) and save
Noob steps. Extract file from APK file using Winrar or 7-zip Open file in IDA and search CanShowPromosToCheaters Look at the offset beside the blue name. Example: .text:001E1110 Open in HEX Workshop Search the offset in HEX Workshop that you found in IDA. My example is: .text:001E1110

Change it to 01 20 70 47 and save



I'm just showing that the devs are not smart enough to create a fake bug to cheate…

Bluestacks 2 App Player Rooted (modded root.vdi)

Bluestacks with root + SuperSU allow you to grant root access to the whole operating system that you normally can't. You can customize, access system partition, backup appdata, hacking games and more.
Fully working SuperSU Removed useless system apps.

Note: You'll need to manually remove other bloatwares located in /data/download

Download links:
Step by step:
Download latest modded root.vdi above 2. Close all Bluestacks processes from Task Manager and make sure there are no left
3. Make a backup of root.vdi. It is usually located in C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks\Android\
4. Replace root.vdi inside C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks\Android\ or other location that you had changed during installation

Launch Bluestacks and enjoy!

iAndroHacker (Modded root.vdi)


How to root Bluestacks 2 using Linux VM (Modify root.vdi)

After Bluestacks team released Bluestacks 2 2.3.37 without root with patched vulnerabilities, Kingroot app no longer able to root Bluestacks anymore. But thankfully, we have root.vdi, we can root it using VirtualBox. Thanks Bluestacks for introducing "VirtualBox VMs" since
Well, let's get started!
For linux experts: If you know how to mount and modify .vdi without VirtualBox, skip to step 9.
First of all, to root BlueStacks this way you need VirtualBox and you have a Linux OS installed. If  you just got started, I'll recommended Ubuntu, you can follow the guide installing Ubuntu on BirtualBox.
Also, you will need some linux knowledge. It's not necessessary, but I won't provide any support about the part dealing with linux commands. Just follow the instructions and probably you will be able to root it, but it might not be that simple.
The second mandatory stuff you will need is the Android App called S…