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Don't know what's the point of picture obfuscation but have fun XD

Il2CppInspector 2020.2 beta

The latest beta version of Il2CppInspector 2020.2 now support drag & drop metadata and binary together and drag & drop APK or decrypted IPA file. Thanks djkaty for accepting my suggestion!

Il2CppInspector 2020.1

So djkaty wanted me to post about it. Here you go =D

Il2CppInspector 2020.1 delivers dozens of improvements including several major new features: IDA functionality enhancements: Il2CppInspector now outputs type declarations for all IL2CPP internal types and types used by the application, including all generic instances, plus address mapping for every type definition and method argument types. Boxed types are generated as required. Memory-mapped vtables are generated for every type. Function boundary mapping has also been improved.C++ scaffolding output module: You can now output C++ headers with type declarations for all IL2CPP internal types and types used by the application, including all generic instances and inferred usages from metadata, plus all vtables and applicable boxed types. You can select which C++ compiler to target for the output (MSVC or GCC). Perfect for use with x64dbg among others!Native APK and (decrypted) IPA su…

Andnix's Hosts Adblocker

Download or add this host on any adblocker apps
Locations of hosts file: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10: C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc iOS / FreeBSD / Linux / Mac OS X / Unixish operating systems: /etc/hosts Android: /system/etc
Extras: Only use these on any adblocker apps Dplay (Mobile only): Facebook ads (May block FB messenger):
You can have a look on other list if you want:

How to play Dead by Daylight Mobile on Bluestacks 4 64-bit emulator

Dead by Daylight Mobile is finally working on Bluestacks 4 64-bit version ( and up) and is the first one to support. It took them a year to make it work. The game is lagging a lot and hard to play, and graphic rendering too short making it hard to see someone far away but you can see the engine lights far away XD. OpenGL 3.1 emulation still need a hell lot of improvements for this game.
Video footage:
Important It is recommended that you have good hardware that can handle emulation and a good nvidia GPU that support OpenGL 3.x. Unsure about AMD but someone said the game couldn't run on AMD GPU. Intel Graphics are not supported i think.You can't play Tutorial on Bluestacks. Play tutorial on your real device and then login with your existing account on Bluestacks. I think it can be fixed with GLTools (Root needed)
OpenGL 3.1 emulation is still in alpha stage, lags and bugs are expected. Don't e…

A website to download Arcade PC dumps

I'm now interested in arcade games, even PC based arcades I never played before

Just wanna let you know Emuline is only the website to download many PC based arcade dumps

And if you have Dance Super Station dump, please share. It's not available in my country and I want it so bad XDD

macOS 10.15.5 Catalina ISO file for Vmware and Virtualbox


[PDF] ARMv8 A64 Quick Reference

How to fix apktool compiling errors

Well, there are many reasons why but I will show you most common errors. Note, i'm talking about general apk modding, not system apk/framework modding
assets.dex issue (Class xxx has already been interned) By default, apktool try to decompile dex stored on assets folder which would decompile to smali_assets on a root directory of decompiled apk, and compiled to assets.dex upon compiling
This causing issues on some games "Class xxx has already been interned" and "Not a valid dex magic value" if the dex was encrypted
Solution: To fix the problem, decompile APK again with the flag [code]--only-main-classes[/code] to only decompile on main classes in root (classes[0-9].dex) then you can compile without any problem
Note: Only for apktool 2.4.1 and up
You can try to delete .dex from assets folder or smali_assets/assets.dex but it may cause problems
If you are using APK Easy Tool 1.57 beta, you can enable the option "Only disassemble the main dex classes" under Opti…

SAP (Split APKs Packer) by v6.7.1 Kirlif' (Windows & Linux) - Merge split APKs into single APK

Note, this tool is not mine. I just shared it from other site

SAP (Split APKs Packer)
Requirements: JRE/OpenJDK 1.8 or above
Overview: A simple and fast tool to transform Android App Bundles into single Android Packages.

SAP uses Apktool to decode the resources of the files included in the bundle to be processed.
Then it merges all these files into the base package folder before adjusting and correcting them.
Apktool is used to build the single package, Uber-APK-Signer for zipAlign/sign processes.
SAP doesn't work on dynamic features but configuration modules only.

SAP is a portable application ; all files present in its folder are necessary.
For better overall compatibility sap is a 32-bit compiled binary ;)
Two versions are available:
- for Windows OS ; tested working fine with Wine.
- for Linux based OS.

The two fonts provided must be installed.
JRE/OpenJDK 1.8 or above ; Java binarie…

List of modding related Github links

AndLua+ v6.6 APK (English/Chinese)

AndLua+ has some compatibility issues on Android 5.1 and below. It is highly recommended that you use a device or an emulator running Android 6.0 and above
Introduction: AndLua+ app is a lightweight scripting tool that allows you to easily perform script programming and testing on your Android phone. This is a very useful tool for those who need script programming. AndLua+ is based on the open source project lua. It uses a simple and beautiful lua language, which simplifies cumbersome Java statements. At the same time, it supports the use of most Android APIs, free installation and debugging, and makes your development on your mobile phone easier and faster. The permission requested is for you to write a program to use, please rest assured to use.
Features: - Chinese function library - API interface (easy to use) - Communication Forum (Chinese only) - Import project (.alp) - lua file encryption (enabled by default) - Share source codes - Download source codes (some costs money) - English languag…

Avalonia ILSpy for Windows/Mac/Linux (dnSpy alternative)

AvaloniaILSpy is an alternative of dnSpy and is cross-platform for Windows/Mac/Linux, but it's not quite stable and crashes sometimes. Editing is not possible

Some info about modern arcade machines

I'm just interested how modern arcade machines works.
They are just PC running custom Windows with DRM and encryptions
Videos about arcade machines booting
An article about Konami DRM
Hardware Specs

Virtual machines on iOS

Yes it's real. Check out and

It does not run smooth but still impressive :D

This is the video of a guy who boots up Win7 and running IDA Pro on an iPad

And Windows XP running Half-Life

Video tutorial: How to Mod il2cpp Android Games

By Rev mods:

Video tutorial: How to Mod .DLL Android Games

By Rev Mods

Il2CppDumper GUI updated to 1.3.1

1.3.1 (2020-04-19) - Upgraded to Il2CppDumper 6.2.1 - Fixed dump.cs being located in wrong location - Fixed non-il2cpp game detection - Removed binary file extension check upon drag and drop. It is unnecessary since more binaries are getting supported - Other improvements
Requirements: - Net Framework 4.6.2 - Windows 7 and above
GUI Features: ·Set output directory ·Set registration offsets ·Drag and drop support ·Save settings ·Log output in realtime ·Support APK and IPA dump automation ·Switch between Il2CppDumper and Il2CppInspector
How to use: Android: Drop APK to start dump automation or extract file from lib folder and extract global-metadata.dat from \Data\Managed\Metadata\ and select them
iOS: Drop IPA to start dump automation or extract bin…

Il2CppDumper v6.2.1 .NET Core for macOS and Linux

Execute Il2CppDumper on terminal
Usage: ./Il2CppDumper <executable-file> <global-metadata>
If you want to compile it yourself, you can install .NET Core and run the folloing command lines using CMD on your project directory
dotnet build --runtime osx-x64 dotnet build --runtime linux-x64
Links: Link to .NET Core:
See more about .NET Core RID Catalog:
See more about Il2CppDumper:
Credit: Perfare

Video: PUBG Cheaters trolled by fake cheat software

This is brilliant idea XD

Fix black screen for decrypted Assembly-CSharp.dll

Easy to fix, just replace with original one

First, get unity version. Follow the tutorial:
Download file:
On the download page, the are usally located on \mono\Release\Libs\(cpu architecture)\ or \mono\Release\MonoLibs\(cpu architecture)\
Replace with a correct cpu architecture in the APK file. Example: replace armv7 to \lib\armeabi-v7a
CLANS:Destiny Love is a good example to try it. It has armeabi-v7a only and Unity version 5.6.6f2
This method will not work if the game is using external protection that hooks to load decrypted dll, you would need to bypass it. Due to stronger game protections these days, I will not teach how to bypass no matter what.

Unity mono stuff for Android

I hosted them for anyone who need the original libmono, Managed dlls or other stuff to fix the games for Android

Download links below: Google Drive:
To download a specific folder, right click and choose download and it will download as zip. Simple

If the version you are looking for does not exist in the download links, please request me for the for the specific Unity version and I will upload
Where did you get them from?
From Unity editor. To get the unity stuff manually, you can go to to download older version of Unity editor
Pick the version you like and download Unity Installer.

In the installer, be sure to include Android Build Support

After installation, you can go to [unity location]\Editor\Data\PlaybackEngines\AndroidPlayer. All stuff for Android. Under Variations folder, you will see mono and il2cpp stuff
Have fun!

Fix missing UnityEngine codes for DLL/mono backend games

Came across a game that you can't add the mod menu due to missing codes from UnityEngine? Because it was stripped out but it is fixable

This happens if UnityEngine has been stripped out

To fix, you need to download original unstripped Managed libs I obtained from Unity Editor.
First, get unity version. Follow the tutorial:
Download Managed dll folder. Explained in this thread:
Replace all managed dll files to the Extracted folder, and reload all assemblies in the dnSpy
It will not be red anymore. Now you can compile

Replace all managed dll files to the game's Managed folder as well

How to make external mod menu in AndLua+ (Intermediate)

I have got some sources from other sites how to get started making external mod menu in AndLua+, especially for rooted devices or virtual space

This tutorial isintermediate. It is not for newbies, it is for modders who have the knowledge of memory hacking, GameGuardian lua scripting and AndLua+ scripting
You need a rooted device running Android 6.0 and above in order to work with external mod menu in AndLua+. VMOS app running Android 5.1.1 is not recomended yet
Tutorials: Download AndLua+ if you haven't installed it:
Download XMemory.lua:
Copy XMemory.lua to /data/data/com.AndLua.LY/app_lua/ using any file explorer app with root support Don't forget to import XMemory.lua if you create a new project
Download KPUBG ALP.alp project…