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How to remove server-sided cheat detection error (Smali)

Got this error and you can't find the string anywhere in the APK file? Well, the string are stored in the server. It uses JSON script to detect unofficial version of APK and retrieve the string, but it is still possible to remove the error completely I used the game Hero Legend as an example Requirements: CatLog app. Download from Play Store Any APK tool for computer. I'd recommended APK Easy Tool Notepad++ installed on your computer Find errors in logcat and find useful JSON strings What is logcat?: The Android logging system provides a mechanism for collecting and viewing system debug output. Logs from various applications and portions of the system are collected in a series of circular buffers, which then can be viewed and filtered by the logcat command. You can use logcat from an ADB shell to view the log messages. Source: Open the Cat

[Tutorial] Removing non-official APK version error from Unity 3D Games

  Have non-official version error? Well, you can remove it from any Unity 3D games except games with protection, such as xigncode. Requirements: Be a modder any .NET Decompiler that supports Reflexil 2.0 add-in (e.g. .NET Reflector, ILSpy, etc.) installed on your computer running Windows OS. I'd recommended .NET Reflector Basic knowledge of C# and IL Understanding logcat CatLog app for Android: Download from Play Store Terminal app for Android: Download from Play Store App Backup & Restore app for Android: Download from Play Store Any APK tool to sign an APK file. I'd recommended APK Easy Tool Checking errors and finding correct function from Unity in logcat: You got the version error and you don't know which function is called. Logcat does tell you which function is being called What is logcat?: The Android logging system provides a mechanism for collecting and viewing system debug

How to open an APK file using Winrar or 7-Zip on Windows

Hi, dear community I was bored, so i created a new tutorial for newbies who wanted to start modding Android apps or games. Download APK file from or other app store Visit: or other app store and download APK/XAPK of the app/game you want to download To open XAPK file, simply change the file extension to ZIP If you have 7-Zip, right click on XAPK -> 7-zip -> Open archive Backup APK file from your device Download the app named App Backup & Restore from Play Store Open the app. Select the app you want to backup and tap "Backup" You're done. Your APK are stored in /sdcard1/App_Backup_Restore Close the app. Connect your device to your computer with USB cable. Navigate to SDcard and find the folder named "App_Backup_Restore". If you can't find it, disconnect the USB, open the device USB Settings, select Mass storage mode (MSC) and connect it again. Sony Xperia de

Removing Ads in Unity Games Tutorial

Removing ads for normal unity games is really easy, and i will explain in a series of steps below. Step 1 - Extract .dlls into a folder - Open all the .dlls in a .NET reflector or DNSpy tab Step 2 - IF using DNSpy change "Type to All Above" on top right. - Now search "GetAutoCacheAds" 2 Methods should pop up-- You will notice, that both are booleans. All you have to do is edit the code into this for both the methods : When you do that, the booleans both return false When that happens, the game cannot get the ads, and will not display them Thus you will have cracked Ads, and removed them. Hope You Enjoyed this Tutorial More will be coming Tutorial Credits ->   @GloryWar

Bypass "ptrace: Operation not permitted" or fix small dump size problem

How to decrypt an encrypted .dll [NO-ROOT] Have "ptrace: Operation not permitted" error when you try to debug a game using GDB? or have small gcore dump size problem after saved gcore? Follow these steps "PID" stands for Process ID The game is EDEN Avalon Legends ( Turn off the Advanced Task Killer app, if it is running. Open the game, and press the HOME button to minimize the game. type dumpsys meminfo to view all running processes.   Take note of the number next to "pid" (PID stands for "Process ID" and changes everytime a process starts). In my example, I'll take note of the number "383". Now, using the PID you just noted, type: ls -l /proc/<gamepid>/task/ example ls -l /proc/4492/task/ This will give a list of