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How to install Magisk on VPhoneGaga VM app (VIP only) - Magisk for non-rooted devices

Dream come true, Magisk for non-root phones. The Virtual Machine called VPhoneGaga officially support Magisk but it is for VIP only. However, you can search for the modded apk if you want Dream come true, Magisk for non-root phones. The Virtual Machine called VPhoneGaga officially support Magisk but it is for VIP only. However, you can search for the modded apk if you want Video tutorial: Text tutorial: Start VPhoneGaga. Tap on the floating VPhoneGaga logo and open settings Go to Magisk Setting and enable Magisk Go to Root Setting and enable root Restart VPhoneGaga In VPhoneGaga, install your desired web browser. Download latest Magisk APK from official github repo Releases · topjohnwu/Magisk and install it Open Magisk app, tap install. Choose Direct Install (Recommended) and tap Let’s go When installation done, tap on the floating VPhoneGaga logo and open settings. Don’t press reboot directly, it will get stuck forever!

ImGUI Tester app - Quickly test your ImGUI mod menu on Android

I made a sample app using Unity engine and injected ImGUI for design testing purposes. Download: How to use As long as your lib doesn’t require calling additional Java methods, you can just open the APK file as a ZIP file and replace the in the lib folder straight forward. After making changes, zipalign and sign the APK file. As simple as that Note It is mandatory to use x86 libs if you use emulators on PC. Running ARM libs only doesn’t work. I have disabled Vulkan support because eglSwapBuffers would be unused, thus ImGUI would crash due to lack of CreateContext call. I have not seen any ImGUI that uses Vulkan. Let me know if you found any ImGUI sources that uses both OpenGL and Vulkan In this example, I’m using Zygisk-ImGui-Menu , but in order to run ImGUI from APK, I added constructor below hack_thread method in hook.cpp __attribute__ ( ( constructor ) ) void lib_main ( ) { pt

AndLua Guide Tool (Chinese only)

A Guide Tool for lua development on AndLua. It is in chinese language only. The author promised to provide english version but haven’t heard back from them, instead the author deleted the account Download: Credits: @AndLuaOfficilas @LearnTooCode

Winlator - Windows Emulator on Android

Winlator is an Android application that lets you to run Windows (x86_64) applications with Wine and Box86/Box64. Download & Installation Download and install the APK from GitHub Releases Download the OBB file ( (See Winlator 1.0 under GitHub Releases ) and put it into the directory /storage/emulated/0/Android/obb/com.winlator (create it if it doesn’t exist) Launch the app and wait for the installation process to finish Video tutorials Credits Ubuntu RootFs ( Focal Fossa ) Wine ( ) Box86/Box64 by ptitseb PRoot ( ) Mesa3D ( ) DXVK ( ) D8VK ( ) Thanks to alexvorxx for the Mesa mods and build instructions

LibChecker - View Apps Info

LibChecker is an application to view and analyze the third-party libraries used by the app. LibChecker provides some basic functions, including App ABI architecture viewing and statistics (32-bit/64-bit), viewing native libraries, and viewing four major components (services, activities, broadcast receivers, content providers). LibChecker also provides some unique features. Well-known library tags: For some well-known third-party library components, LibChecker will display tags, and you can view the detailed introduction. Library reference statistics: count the frequency of use of each library Package features: Analyze the apk package to determine whether the app is Split APK / whether it is written in Kotlin Snapshot: Compare component differences before and after app upgrade The program is now open source: Download links

Android Oreo and Pie emulator for Windows and Linux (Rooted with Magisk)

FIRMWARE FEATURES: Based on the lastest Oreo and Pie Android Studio Emulator Portable - zero installation - apart for the Intel® HAXM Compatible with X86 and ARM apps and games Rooted with Magisk System partition writable Hardware accelerated. DOWNLOADS: Pie: Full Android PIE Emulator for PC Windows 1.1 firmware: MEGA SHA1: B4FAF21C5563286E95536FB61C3466A53757013E Full Android PIE Emulator for PC Linux 1.1 firmware: MEGA SHA1: 9C135CD966FB2207E79F4D05C1B1A56596FFCF56 Oreo: Full Android Oreo Emulator for PC Windows 1.3 firmware: MEGA SHA1: CEB776AE16C26C941D5088380CD28B9F801A2739 Full Android Oreo Emulator for PC Linux 1.3 firmware: MEGA SHA1: 30AAF6BAD3D0CD55E2990526D07F0B2F9C7E951A To have Magisk working, you need the Magisk Manager 6.1.0 that you can download after the first boot … ger-v6.1.0 Support the development with a vote on Google Play for DroidMote Client INSTRUCTIONS: Windows: Before you start, make