ImGUI Tester app - Quickly test your ImGUI mod menu on Android


I made a sample app using Unity engine and injected ImGUI for design testing purposes.


How to use

As long as your lib doesn’t require calling additional Java methods, you can just open the APK file as a ZIP file and replace the in the lib folder straight forward. After making changes, zipalign and sign the APK file. As simple as that


  • It is mandatory to use x86 libs if you use emulators on PC. Running ARM libs only doesn’t work.
  • I have disabled Vulkan support because eglSwapBuffers would be unused, thus ImGUI would crash due to lack of CreateContext call. I have not seen any ImGUI that uses Vulkan. Let me know if you found any ImGUI sources that uses both OpenGL and Vulkan

In this example, I’m using Zygisk-ImGui-Menu, but in order to run ImGUI from APK, I added constructor below hack_thread method in hook.cpp

void lib_main() {
    pthread_t ptid;
    pthread_create(&ptid, NULL, hack_thread, NULL);

For documentation about ImGUI, see: Home


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