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How to install unsigned APK using Core Patch module (Root & Xposed required)

Core Patch is a module for Xposed Framework to disable signature verification, directly modify the APK, and downgrade the App. What is difference between Core Patch and Lucky Patcher: Lucky Patcher does not need Xposed, it’s patching the system files directly. It does have Xposed way though but same way as normal. However, the bypass techniques is very outdated. It does not support signature scheme v2, v3 and v4 well, the success rate to install unsigned APK is likely 30%. I had asked chelpus to fix signature bypass multiple times but he never responded! Core Patch fully bypassed signature checks, it works a lot better, supports signature scheme v2, v3 and v4. WARNING: ENVIORNMENT MAY BRICK AFTER INSTALLING XPOSED. BACKUP YOUR DATA FIRST BEFORE PROCEED If you are using VM app, reinstall the rom, you will lose your data If you are using emulator, just reinstall emulator without uninstalling. NO data would be loss unless you unchecked preserve data option If you are using M

How to install systemless Xposed Framework on Magisk for Android 5.0 - 8.1

Systemless Xposed Framework is a module for Magisk, repackaged by topjohnwu and fixed by bibarub. Only Lollipop 5.x.x, Marshmallow 6.x, Nougat 7.x.x, and Oreo 8.x are supported for ARM, ARM64, and x86, with additional support for x86_64. If you are using Android 9 Pie or above, use LSposed module instead. See: Download the Xposed ZIP package: Releases · bibarub/xposed Open the Magisk app, and switch to the Modules tab using the bottom navigation menu. Tap on the button named Install from storage (Package icon on bottom-right corner if youuse Mgisk Delta). Next, browse and select the ZIP you downloaded earlier. After a successful installation, click Reboot to reboot Android system. If you use Emulator, do not click Reboot , instead restart the emulator by clicking close button You should see the Xposed Installer in your launcher. In case the Xposed Installer is not installed, you can Download Xposed

How to install unsigned APK on NON-rooted devices (Virtual machine)

Hey guys, I wanna share the way to have install unsigned APK to login with Google without having to root your physical phone. Currently the only way to do is to use any VM apps with root access inside. 1. Install VM app of your choice: 2. After installation of VM, setup your VM and root it. Optionally, install Xposed. Usually root and Xposed can be enabled via settings or other ways, some VM comes with pre-rooted by default. Please search for tutorials how to root VM 3. Now, you can follow this tutorial how to disable signatures to install unsigned APK. There are 2 methods Lucky Patcher: Core Patch (Xposed required): 4. Enjoy playing modded unsigned apk on your non-root device! If you can’t install unsigned APK for some reason, try follow this steps

How to dump iOS Il2Cpp games

You might remember a long time ago I wrote a tutorial how to dump iOS Il2Cpp games manually, means you have to find the offset by yourself. Today, you don’t have to dump manually anymore, you can dump games easly with a few steps. Note: I used iOS 14 at the time of writing this tutorial, so it might not be relevant for iOS 15 and above using rootless jailbreak. Don’t ask me to try on iOS 15 or above. I have no plan using latest iOS or buying new iDevices First, you need decrypted IPA that contains decrypted binary. There are many ways how to obtain it: a) Decrypted IPA Downloader: , , or others. You don’t even need a jailbroken device, you just download a decrypted IPA straight forward via a web browser b) iOS Tweaks: CrackerXI+ , DumpDecryptor . Jailbroken iOS device is required Once installed, open it and choose the app you want to install. The decrypted IPA will be stored in /var/mobile/Documents/. c) Scripts: appdecrypt , frida-ios-dump , fr

UnityEX - Assets modding tool

UnityEX supports two modes of use - running with an interface and batch processing files in console mode. The main buttons are the opening of the archive, you can also drag the required file into the program window. After opening, a context menu is available by right-clicking on the list of files, where it is possible to extract the selected files with conversion or raw if conversion is not provided, as well as immediately all the necessary files by type. Reverse packing in interface mode is possible only with the “Pack files” button. Unpacking and packing of files is done next to the archive into a folder or from the folder Unity_Assets_Files[archive name]\ here are Raw files or just files from the archive. The following folders contain files that have been processed or converted in some way. For example, the Textures, Fonts, Sounds, Movies, Sprite, Mesh folders. Textures - textures source .tex files, the file itself can only be a header, the main bitmap data is in additional .res

How to install Kitsune Mask (Magisk Delta) on Android emulators (Easy installation)

Important: If you are gonna use Magisk Delta to install Zygisk mod menus on emulators, STOP RIGHT NOW!!! Most Zygisk mod menus support ARM only, therefore x86 emulators are NOT supported, although they support ARM translation. It is what it is! Kitsune Mask/Magisk Delta is a fork by HuskyDG, including old school MagiskHide, Riru and some custom features. It works same as with official Magisk. Magisk Delta is a lot easier to install compared to MagiskOnEmu. It works on phones too. Currently, only Magisk Delta support Magisk installation into system partition. Although emulator has ramdisk image, patching ramdisk is not used because ramdisk is stored in seperate partition with very SMALL disk size that is not enough to store Magisk binaries. Download Kitsune Mask Older versions of Kitsune Mask Older versions of Magisk Delta Video tutorial Before y

Android Emulator Notification Killer (For Nox and LDPlayer)

After Nox and LDPlayer developers ignored my hundreds of feedbacks to add the damn option to disable annoying installation notification, I have decided to develop a tool by my own to disable the notification by patching the executeable. It patches dnplayer.exe for all LDPlayer version, and Nox.exe and Qt5Widgets.dll for all Nox versions. Pardon my weird hex patches because lack of x86 assembly skills ** What about ads inside running Emulator?** Just use AdAway app . If you use root, use root mode in AdAway for better experience so you don’t have to use VPN mode Download Releases · AndnixSH/Android-Emulator-Notification-Killer Note: This app requires administrator rights in order to patch the emulators Any such report from your antivirus is a false positive and is due to how the application works. You must manually add the exe to your antivirus’s whitelist/exclusion list. If you have security concerns, simply do not use the app. Instead, patch manually by hand using Hex editor.