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How to root Bluestacks 2, 3 and 4 using BlueStacks Tweaker 5

Bluestacks devs turned off root mode and patched some vulnerabilites preventing any root apps from rooting Bluestacks 2.5.x and up, but there is still there is still a way to root using BSTweaker externally. Download BS Tweaker 5 from official website: Extract the files to your desired directory Open BSTweaker 5. Before rooting, make sure the Bluestacks is fully closed. You can either Stop BS , Full Stop BS or Force Kill BS on the Main page until the BlueStacks status become red Go to “Root” tab and click on Unlock Once unlocked, start Bluestacks Then you can click Patch on BSTweaker Root will be enabled. Enjoy If you want to disable root, open BSTweaker 5 again and click Unpatch Watch video tutorials by Anatoly How to Root BlueStacks 2.5, 2.6, 2.7 in one click How to Root BlueStacks 3.7 with BSTweaker 2 and SuperSU 2.82

How to install modded Google Play Store using Lucky Patcher (Root only)

Modded Google Play Store lets you bypass license verification to use paid apps, and hack in-app purchases for free. Warning: It may not work on some apps works due to protections. It is what it is Requirements Rooted device/emulator/virtual machine Instructions First, download the Lucky Patcher and install on your device Lucky Patcher V10.8.2 Download Latest APK - [OFFICIAL WEBSITE] After the installation process completes, open the Lucky Patcher and grant the root permission when asked If root detection fails, swipe from left to right/click on hamburger icon, open Settings -> Force set root check and select “force set root mode” (Note, only for rooted devices / VMOS) Open Toolbox. Scroll down the option and click on the option which is named as “Patch on Android.”. Choose the first and second options and click on the Apply button. Reboot the system After reboot, choose the third option and click on the Apply button. Reboot the system again Detailed tutorial can be

How to merge split APK's into standalone APK

APKEditor is a powerful that can merge split APK’s (Directory, XAPK, APKM, APKS…) into standalone APK very fast. I still recommended to check Apkcombo, see whether standalone APK is available or not. See: How to download single APK with lib folder on - - Android & iOS MODs, Mobile Games & Apps Requirements: Java 17 or above: APKEditor tool: Releases · REAndroid/APKEditor Basic knowledge of command line Instructions: Open CMD/Powershell/Terminal Simply run this command line into the console java -jar (path to APKEditor.jar) m -i (path to Directory, XAPK, APKM, APKS...) Example: java -jar "E:\Example\APKEditor-1.2.4.jar" m -i "E:\Example\Medieval" Don’t forget to add quotes between the paths if it contain spaces Tip: You can drag and drop the files or copy/paste paths into the console Here is an example of my c