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[Archive] Android Application Reversing Via Android Mobile PDF

Old tutorial since 2014 but still useful to learn the basics of APK modding, xml and smali :) Credit: Nieo - Links:

MuMu App Player emulator 64-bit version, Android 6.0.1

MuMu App Player by Netease has offered 64-bit version long time ago but it's only available at the official forum page. MuMu is stable and have more features than TianTian Installation Tutorial: If you already have 32-bit english or chinese version installed, uninstall it first. It will delete all your data Download 64-bit from And click on 【点 击下载 】 Mirrors Before you install, you need to know if the installer is 64-bit. Click on the blue text 自定 义主装》 ( Custom installation) Look at the default path, if the default path is "C:\Program Files\MuMu", it's 64-bit. If it is "C:\Program Files (x86)\MuMu", it's 32-bit Ready to install? Click the blue button To change language to english in system, go to settings and follow the

Doom running on Navigon PNA-6000T

I manage to run doom on Navigon PNA-6000T. Quite laggy but it works. Sadly the chocolate-setup did not save my keyboard configuration even I asked to save it. It would be cool if I could play it with the hardware buttons haha Thanks Jason for infomation about MortScript and gpspassion for unlocking method. I forgot the link to the thread