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[Archive] Android Application Reversing Via Android Mobile PDF

Old tutorial since 2014 but still useful to learn the basics of APK modding, xml and smali :) Credit: Nieo - Links:

MuMu App Player emulator 64-bit version, Android 6.0.1

MuMu App Player by Netease has offered 64-bit version long time ago but it's only available at the official forum page. MuMu is stable and have more features than TianTian Installation Tutorial: If you already have 32-bit english or chinese version installed, uninstall it first. It will delete all your data Download 64-bit from And click on 【点 击下载 】 Mirrors Before you install, you need to know if the installer is 64-bit. Click on the blue text 自定 义主装》 ( Custom installation) Look at the default path, if the default path is "C:\Program Files\MuMu", it's 64-bit. If it is "C:\Program Files (x86)\MuMu", it's 32-bit Ready to install? Click the blue button To change language to english in system, go to settings and follow the

Doom running on Navigon PNA-6000T

I manage to run doom on Navigon PNA-6000T. Quite laggy but it works. Sadly the chocolate-setup did not save my keyboard configuration even I asked to save it. It would be cool if I could play it with the hardware buttons haha Thanks Jason for infomation about MortScript and gpspassion for unlocking method. I forgot the link to the thread

Auto Toaster updated to

This tool was forked from Github repo called SaveToGame and tuned into Auto Toaster What it does is it automatically inject toast into APK for you. Download: View Folder - SBUpload: The Future is here Box How to use: 1. Choose or drop APK file 2. Select number of how many time toasy should show on screen 3. Click  Start After that, it will create both unsigned and signed APK files on same location where you selected APK file To add your own so file, add it under architecture folders, lib/armeabi-v7a/, lib/arm64-v8a/ whatever Enable add loadLibrary and name of lib file must be same of your so file lib(yourname).so Delay loadLibrary if your lib have problem like getting stuck. Recommended if you use hooking template by joeyjurjens This is also useful for Mika's Hex Code injection PMT libpla