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[Tutorial] How to modify .csv files from an Android game

Hello dear community, I will show you how to edit .csv files using Notepad++. It is very easy to mod. Please note that not all games are made in CSV. First of all, you need: Notepad++ installed on your computer. Download it from: HERE WinRAR installed on your computer. Download it from: HERE App Backup & Restore app installed on your Android device. Download it from: HERE Understand how CSV file works. You can read it HERE Part 1: Extract CSV files from the APK file In this tutorial, the app "Piano Tiles 2" will be used as example. Backup the APK file using App Backup & Restore, connect your device to your computer, and transfer the APK file to your computer Right click on the APK file, select Open with -> Choose another app (see screenshot below):   Now click on More apps and Look for another app on PC (see screenshots below): Find the pa

[Patched] giveaway cheating: How to get answers from source code

Edit: Seems like any giveaways no longer use answers because of this lol Can't answer the questions in Gleam giveaway? No problem. You can get an answer from the source code! 1. Open any questions that you can’t answer 2.   Copy the text of the question 3. Right click and select "View page source"   4. Press CTRL + F (Windows) or CMD + F (Mac) to show word search bar. Paste the test in it and it will highlight the code. The answer is located next to config6 , always in BIG LETTER 5. Copy and paste the answer

[Source] Spotify hack for iOS (Mobile Substrate)

I no longer develop my own spotify hack called SpotiHack so i share my source code FULL SOURCE CODE DOWNLOAD NOW AVALIABLE!: You can use my source code to update the tweak, compile it and install it. don't forget to go to settings and enable the hacks http://www.mediafire.../ Source code preview: tweak.xm #import <Foundation/Foundation.h> #define PLIST_PATH @"/var/mobile/Library/Preferences/spotihacks.plist" inline bool GetPrefBool(NSString *key) { return [[[NSDictionary dictionaryWithContentsOfFile:PLIST_PATH] valueForKey:key] boolValue]; } //---------- Allow seeking ----------// %hook SPTPlayerRestrictions -(bool)disallowSeeking {         if(GetPrefBool(@"kSeeking")) //1 seeking         {                return false;         }         return %orig; } -(id)disallowSeekingReasons {         return NULL; } //---------- Allow skipping ----------// -(id)disallowSkippingToNextT