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[Archived] GikDbg mobile debugging tool (iOS and Android)

What is GikDbg? GikDbg is a mobile platform assembly-level debugger, which is an application debugging tool for security researchers.It is based on: OllyDbg (32-bit assembler level analysing debugger for Microsoft? Windows); GDB (GDB, the GNU Project debugger); LLVM (collection of modular and reusable compiler and tool-chain technologies). What features can GikDbg support? ELF / Mach-O executable file static analysis; Android / iOS App dynamic debugging; Android / iOS remote console; ARM assembler ; ARM disassembler ; Device file uploading and downloading ; Built-in GDB and LLDB ; Support for memory breakpoint, software breakpoint, conditional breakpoint; Support for multi-threaded debugging; Support for assembly code level file patching. If you have some using problem, see Q & A List here... Current version : gikdbg-v1.2.build140828.2 &  - View update Logs Download GikDbg (iO

dnSpy - How to fix Multiple Assemblies error

Dear dnSpy users, have you got Multiple Assemblies error? Well it's very easy to fix. When you compile, look closely at error descriptions, it does tell you which .dll files are duplicated. Example: System.dll and mscorelib.dll is duplicated Actual error: Severity     Code         Description File         Line Error        CS1703       Multiple assemblies with equivalent identity have been imported: 'C:\WINDOWS\assembly\GAC_MSIL\System\\<name>.dll' and '<path of game>\Managed\<name>.dll'. Remove one of the duplicate references. Removing assemblies from dnSpy won't help because it adds them back automatically Close dnSpy and delete the duplicated .dll files from Managed folder that dnSpy mentioned That's all. You are good to go. Open dnSpy and enjoy modding without error J

IDA tutorial - Bypassing fake update warning

Sometime you'll meet fake bugs in some games. This fake update warning didn't help much because it's easy to bypass. I'll show you how to bypass it easly The game is The Evolution Sandbox. You need: - IDA Pro - 7-zip or Winrar to open APK file - Basic knowledge of IDA hacking Video tutorial: Start disassemble the ARM version file Press CTRL+F, search UpdateWarningScreen and open up UpdateWarningScreen::Create(void) Because I know this is the right function to look for right hehehe. Highlight _ZN19UpdateWarningScreen… and press X to XREF to see which function are calling this function. There are 2 functions. Double-click to view the code. Press F5 to view Pseudocode to understand the code easier It looks very intersting. It checks for Lucky Patcher, signature or other hacking related stuff. I assume checkSignature detected tampered APK. I'm too lazy to look deeper into it so I'll NOP the loc_

dnSpy - How to fix Missing compiler required member

Have got this error when trying to compile? Issue #761 Well they are working with the fix but here is the workaround Remove all assemblies. You can open your assembly to edit later if you want. Copy the code from Edit any code you want to edit Paste "using System.Runtime.InteropServices;" and the namespace System.Runtime.CompilerServices code below the other namespace code (See screenshow below) Compile it. It should compile without any error. Please note, you must add the namespace System.Runtime.InteropServices code again every code changes --------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to copy the code manually, follow this steps. Click File -> Open from GAC Search mscorlib , select mscorlib and click OK Search CompilationRel

Android Mod IDE -

What is Android ModIDE? ModIDE is a Modding Integrated Development Environment (I know creative name I came up with, don't hate :p ). While initially I can really only describe it as a flashy looking GUI for apktool, its goals are MUCH loftier. Ultimately this will be an AIO tool that'll include a tool to decompile NET dlls, refactoring into C# readable code (think ilspy), modify smali code (complete now), interpret hex code into appropriate machine opcodes (can edit hex now, interpretation in future release), COFF/ELF reader/editor, and much more planned! All this and fully open source as well, this is finally the tool that will do all the function needed, and if not, can be built into it by anyone in the community, as well as being as future proof as you want it to be, many tools have fell into the abandonware pit as either they were too clunky to have enough interest to maintain, or great tools that have gone WAY behind the curve as phones kept advancing, they stood

Using Memu emulator as your modding workspace

Not really a tutorial, just tips and tricks. I used Memu as my modding workspace and it has saved me a lot of time. Please note, Memu have blocked APK overwriting while install, means you will get a message "The app already installed" if you try to install existing APK with same version via drag and drop or Memu APK Installer. However you can still install and overwrite APK inside the Android OS. I have contacted them regarding overwrite blocking. They told me they are working with it but they haven't. They don't care about it at all. It's better to use shared folder. Apps to use:                                - Nova Launcher : Customize your desktop - Matlog : To read useful logs and errors - Xplore : Dual-pane file management - Lucky Patcher : To disable APK signature check to install unsigned apk - GameGuardian : To dump memory (file decrypting). Hardware requirements: Have a good hardware for better performance and multitasking -