[Archived] GikDbg mobile debugging tool (iOS and Android)

What is GikDbg?
GikDbg is a mobile platform assembly-level debugger, which is an application debugging tool for security researchers.It is based on: OllyDbg (32-bit assembler level analysing debugger for Microsoft? Windows); GDB (GDB, the GNU Project debugger); LLVM (collection of modular and reusable compiler and tool-chain technologies).

What features can GikDbg support?
  • ELF / Mach-O executable file static analysis;
  • Android / iOS App dynamic debugging;
  • Android / iOS remote console;
  • ARM assembler
  • ARM disassembler
  • Device file uploading and downloading
  • Built-in GDB and LLDB
  • Support for memory breakpoint, software breakpoint, conditional breakpoint;
  • Support for multi-threaded debugging;
  • Support for assembly code level file patching.

Current versiongikdbg-v1.2.build140828.2 & gikdbg.art-v1.3.build140723.2  - View update Logs

GikDbg Screen Shot
GikDbg for iOS:

GikDbg.ART (Android):


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