Using Memu emulator as your modding workspace

Not really a tutorial, just tips and tricks. I used Memu as my modding workspace and it has saved me a lot of time.

Please note, Memu have blocked APK overwriting while install, means you will get a message "The app already installed" if you try to install existing APK with same version via drag and drop or Memu APK Installer. However you can still install and overwrite APK inside the Android OS. I have contacted them regarding overwrite blocking. They told me they are working with it but they haven't. They don't care about it at all. It's better to use shared folder.

Apps to use:                              
- Nova Launcher: Customize your desktop
- Matlog: To read useful logs and errors
- Xplore: Dual-pane file management
- Lucky Patcher: To disable APK signature check to install unsigned apk
- GameGuardian: To dump memory (file decrypting).

Hardware requirements:
Have a good hardware for better performance and multitasking

- Intel Core i3 or similar CPU
- 8 GB RAM.
- Any good GPU with 2 GB VRAM or above
- Your computer must support 64-bit and have 64-bit OS installed.
- Have Virtulization enabled in BIOS (Intel VT-x/AMD-V)

Shared folders:
As Memu no longer allow APK install and overwriting, we use shared folders as game workspace
To open shared folder dialog, click on folder icon

- Music as a main shared folder, for storing memory dump directly to PC and to transfer files between PC and emulator
- Video, Pictures and Download folder as a game workspaces

Game workspace:
I always setup my game workspace like this each games

- "Orig" folder: Original APK or other original files
- "Old" folder: Storing old files
- "Lib|arm|x86" folder: To mod .so files.
- Extracted "Managed" folder outside
- Save Assembly-CSharp.dll outside to replace it in APK later or re-modding
- Place other modded files outside to replace it in APK later or re-modding
- Copy of orignal APK outside for modding

GameGuardian memory dumping:
Path to store dump: /storage/emulated/0/Music/<new folder, example: <gg subway surfers>
When you dump many games and you have lot of stuff in shared folder, give it folder names like "gg deemo", "gg lineage"… which will make you easier to read folders

Testing modded unsigned APK file:
You need to disable the signature check using Lucky Patcher.
Keep APK unsigned. Open the modded APK from shared folder and install it straight away.

Testing modded signed APK file:
There is no need to uninstall APK and install signed APK to test. You can create an instance and test signed APK. Open Multiple Instance Manager and create a new instance, 5.1.1 or 4.4.4, it's up to you. Root mode should be disbled in settings.
Then drag and drop signed APK to install or setup shared folder to install APK and copy OBB.

Testing modded SO file:
I'd recommended Xplore app to do quick testing of .so file. On left pane, navigate to your game workspace of your shared folder. On right pane, nativage to /data/data/<package name>/lib. On left pane, copy modded so file.

See? you work and test your mod way faster than your real device.

Memu running 5.1.1 might crashes itself if you are using it for long time. Just restart Memu and be patient J


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