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How to fully reset Fiddler Web Debugger Tool

If you have any problems with Fiddler and you can't figure it out what's going on, follow this guide to fully reset Fiddler. Press SHIFT and launch Fiddler does not really help. Open regedit.exe, navigate to " HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\". right click on Fiddler2 folder, and delete it.   Open My documents and delete Fiddler2 folder   Launch Fiddler. Open Options -> HTTPS, click on Actions -> Reset All Certificates. It will ask you to reset, and add certificate. Click OK or Yes when asked. That's all. Fiddler should work correctly again as it should :)

How to dump and mod il2cpp games (2017)

Video tutorial by TechX Original Most peoples asked me to make a new tutorial so I did! I know it's very late but I had not enough time to make the tutorial. il2cpp dumper helps you to find the right function + offset to mod. This guide is for IDA modding experience only! Requirements: - IDA Pro. - Notepad++. Download link - Any Hex Editor software. I'm using Hex Workshop. Download link . (You can modify hex in IDA but editing the file in hex editor is the fastest way for me) - Online ARM converter. Link to the website - Basic C# and ARM knowledge. You don't really need to learn C# but know simple codes of C# - Know how to use IDA Pro - Perfare or Katy's dumper. Links below Extract required files from APK file: Open the APK and extract the following files to dump: \lib\armeabi-v7a\ \assets\bin\Data\Managed\global-metadata.dat Using Perfare's Il2CppDumper: Down