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For 20 years, this man has survived entirely by hacking online games

A hacker says he turned finding and exploiting flaws in popular MMO video games into a lucrative, full-time, job.

Manfred's character is standing still in the virtual world of the 2014 sci-fi online multiplayer game WildStar Online. Manfred, the real life person behind the character, is typing commands into a debugger. In a few seconds of what seems to be an extremely easy hack, Manfred's virtual currency skyrockets up to more than 18,000,000,000,000,000,000, or 18 quintillion.

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MalwareBytes all of sudden uses high usage of RAM

OMG! Today, My PC went crazy. my program closes for no reason and froze 3 times today and i thought my hard drive was going to broke but i realized it was MalwareBytes Service that uses high usage of RAM and Web protection doesn't work for no reason.

My NAS that was still running Win7 in VM also froze with graphical glitches and task manager could not open

And everyone who are using MalwareBytes panicked on malwarebytes forum and reddit

To fix the issue, keep killing MalwareBytes Service process from Task Manager or quit from tray or simply uninstall MalwareBytes

Pokemon Go Trading Cards D-pad spoofer exposed

Whoever made those shitty fake trading card did spoofed Pokemon Go using Tutuapp and how forgot to hide the D-pad before making those cards.

Image from Google images

On this video, you can see that some card had D-pad overlayed

And yes, it's Tutuapp.

How to create simple mod menu in Unity games

I have gotten a lot of request for a tutorial how to make mod menu but haven't got time and almost forgot it. I had to pause all my other protects and start working with this tutorial straight away.
With Mod menu, it allows the player to choose what hacks to use. Mod menu can be useful in multiplayer games that player can enable and disable hack quickly to avoid being reported by legit players
So let's get started.
Requirements: - Basic Unity modding expernence - Familar with C# and dnSpy - dnSpy installed on your computer - Unity editor installed on your computer - Visual Studio 2017 installed on your computer (Optional.)
Installing Unity editor: First, create an account or sign in with Google or Facebook at
Go to and select "Try personal". It is completely free. Download and install it. If you like to have Visaul Studio 2017 installed, make sure to select it in installer. If not installed, you will use MonoDevelop.
Setting up Unity…

It's possible to mod Windows 10 UWP apps/games

Today, i found useful tutorials how to hack  UWP apps/games on Win10. I did spent 4 years trying to figure out how to mod files of UWP apps/games on Win 8.1 and Win10 with no luck. Modding UWP isn't easy as i expected because of sandbox and security stuff you need to bypass by hooking something in kernel and Win32 API.

If you're intersted in modding UWP apps or games, Check it out:

IIl2CppDumper now have ability to convert Cpp back to IL (DummyDLL)

My dream has finally come true. The developer of Il2CppDumper added a new feature called DummyDll which convert Cpp back to IL using Mono.Cecil.dll. DummyDLL is only useful for analyzing
After you dump Il2Cpp, you will get DummyDll folder contaning DLL files, you know.

And viewing it in dnSpy

Don't get excited, you can't add DLLs back in Il2Cpp games and method body still not possible to dump yet but DummyDLL still useful for searching and analyzing

Try it out:

Honda Pilot rooting

Hahaha, Honda Pilot is running Android. I like to see when someone managed to exploit and root their car using Dirtycow exploit.

If you like to root your 2016 Honda Pilot, check out XDA threads:

And how to install 3rd party apps by adding keystore signature in whitelist.xml file.

Be careful, don't mess up with your car.